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Nejlépe hodnocené rekreační pronájmy ve městě Asie

Hosté souhlasí: tyto pobyty jsou vysoce hodnoceny podle lokality, čistoty a dalších faktorů.

#친구네집Hey me House/자유롭게/재미있게/공감/바다/Love me/Happy me
Celá nemovitost: byt v soukromém vlastnictví · 2 hosté · 1 lůžko · 1 koupelna

#친구네집Hey me House/자유롭게/재미있게/공감/바다/Love me/Happy me[친구네집] Hey me Sokcho House F-A-F 자유롭고 재미있게 Frei Aber Froh 속초와 고성의 경계 안에 에메랄드빛 바다와 영랑호를 바라보는 조용한 동네에 자리 잡고 있습니다. 이 방에 들어오시는 분들 누구나 머무는 시간 동안 생각은 자유롭게 그리고 마음은 행복하고 재미있게 보내셨으면 좋겠습니다. 열심히 달려온 자신을 위로하고 앞으로의 날들도 힘차게 나아갈 수 있도록 응원하는 공간이 되어줄 거예요♡

"Můj domov je tvůj domov" na Chapaevě
Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka · 2 hosté · 1 lůžko · 1 koupelna

"Můj domov je tvůj domov" na ChapaevěVe městě se budou konat tlakové zkoušky, horká voda může být vypnuta: 10.-13. srpna. Domácí komfort s polštáři, přikrývkami, lampou na čtení, rychlou wifi a digitální TV, spoustou zásuvek a dobrou zvukovou izolací! Čerstvé ručníky, pohodlná postel s pečlivě vyžehleným prádlem. Okna směřují na východ, takže v létě není žádné vyčerpávající teplo, ale je tu tichý, ale silný ventilátor) a vynikající tlak vody ve sprše! Pro vaše pohodlí je k dispozici samoobslužný proces ubytování.

Celá nemovitost: podkroví · 4 hosté · 2 lůžka · 2 koupelny

茶园轻轨地铁六号线|投影仪|可泡澡浴缸|电影院商场|烘洗机|可煮饭|南山风景区|家庭套房|近解放碑•小窝是跃层,两室两厅、两卫一厨、一阳台,上下动静分离。可煮饭,有幼儿读物和餐具。 •适合家人,好友结伴同行。 •智能锁,全自助入住。 •地铁6号线沿线,5个站点即到解放碑商圈。 •有CGV电影院和悦地商场,永辉大超市等。 •楼下市政滨河公园即将开放。 •江北商业中心驱车半小时左右车程。距离江北国际机场,重庆火车北站30分钟左右车程,重庆火车西站约40分钟车程。 【提供各种便利和用品】 1、投影仪。 2、创维高清电视机,拥有无限可能。 3、高速无线网络。 4、带烘干TCL洗衣机。 5、24小时热水,方便快捷。 6、全套厨房餐具及可爱的炊具。 7、纯净水直饮机、消毒柜、蒸汽挂烫机、微波炉、开水壶、吹风机,加湿器。 8、高档纯棉材质床上用品,严格清洗消毒,每客必换。 9、提供各种生活用品:水杯、毛巾、浴巾、牙刷、牙膏、洗发液、沐浴液、洗衣液、一次性棉拖鞋、一次性马桶垫,一次性浴缸套。 永辉超市门口就是公交站,可通往江南交通换乘枢纽站。地铁,共享单车,出租,公交,出行选择多方面。 楼下有永辉超市,买水、普通的零食都很方便;火锅、书亦烧仙草、药店、理发店、重庆美食等下楼就有喔。

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  • Kuchyň
  • Wifi
  • Bazén
  • Parkování na pozemku v ceně
  • Klimatizace

Další skvělé rekreační pronájmy v destinaci Asie

  1. Celá nemovitost: řadový dům
  2. 軽井沢町, 北佐久郡
Vacation home 5 min walk to Naka Karuizawa sta
$336 za noc
  1. Soukromý pokoj
  2. Itoshima
海まで5分。温泉まで3分。駅から7分。 糸島ヨガ&リトリートゲストハウス個室 yoga house
$33 za noc
  1. Soukromý pokoj
  2. 夷隅郡御宿町
Enjoy the blue sea and white sand beach!
$41 za noc
  1. Chýše
  2. Nanto
Japanese traditional House with a hearth
$36 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Irkutsk
krásný byt v centru města
$20 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Jiaoxi Township
靚宅 35坪大空間 4人包棟 不受他人打擾
$153 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Nasu, Nasu District
$167 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: byt v soukromém vlastnictví
  2. Ota City
【ラ・カーサ東京 401号室】羽田空港&品川直通のシンプルモダン
$46 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: byt v soukromém vlastnictví
  2. Nara
Japonský moderní styl NARA druhý dům #202 40 公
$53 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Chongqing
$64 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Luoyang
$28 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Hirosaki
TAKAJO BASE in Hirosaki
$136 za noc

To nejlepší, co nabízí Asie

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Fun Hour with Taj Mahal - Symbol of Love
    Best for Private Groups, Families, Corporate Teams, Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Events & Couples ! HISTORY sessions can be - ✘ Uninteresting ✘ Complicated ✘ Monotonous ✘ Unexciting ✘ Tiresome ✘ Complex ✘ Gloomy ✘ Difficult ✘ Tedious ✘ Boring ✘ Dull But THIS ONE is surely NOT ! This HISTORY session is a HAPPY HOUR session ! It is about TAJ MAHAL - The greatest Symbol of Love ever ! The INTERACTIVE experience is about knowing the most important era of Indian History in a unique way. It includes the following - ✔ Quiz ✔ Food ✔ Facts ✔ Music ✔ Fashion ✔ Mysteries ✔ True stories ✔ Virtual tours ✔ Photo-graphs ✔ Fun and laughter ✔ Real take-away gifts TAJ MAHAL - One of the Seven Wonders of the World ! Who built it? The Mughal Emperors did it ! But why? The MUGHAL EMPIRE ruled India for a little over three centuries. Although it ended almost 150 years ago, its legacy is still evident in various forms in India. Guests shall be told all about the MUGHAL EMPIRE in a simple but matchless style. The Guests shall also learn about the Mughal Emperor who - ♛ ...imprisoned his father to usurp the throne ♛ ... is regarded as the Lover Boy of Mughal Empire ♛ ...fell from the stairs & died ♛ ...is regarded as one of the greatest 25 kings of all times ♛ ...demolished grandest Hindu Temple to build a Mosque ---> Guests will also get a chance to win a Gift from the Host.
    Od Cena:$10 za osobu
  • Bali Private Surf School, 27SurfSchool
    The lesson will be conducted on Kuta beach, the best spot for beginners to learn to surf. We provide private lesson; 1 instructor to 1 students. Each Lesson is 2.5hrs - Start by introducing ourselves - Theoretical introduction on how to surf - Surf lesson first session (1 hour) - Break time (10-15 minutes) - Surf lesson second session (1 hour) - Free use surfboard after the lesson for 1 to 2 hrs. (Depends on how the student improves after the lesson, students can get permission from their instructor if they can surf by themselves ) We are ready to take you to a new unforgettable experience. At break time, in between the sessions there will be a review of your first experience riding the wave. At the end of the session, there will be a review on the level of surfing lesson you can take for future reference. On the first lesson we will focus on how you can stand up and balance on the board. Check it out our Instagram; @27surfschool We also Open for Surf Trip Packages We also have Surf Lesson Package for Intermediate Surf Lesson Package 5 times lessons : IDR.1.000.000 10 times lessons : IDR.1.900.000 Surf Trip IDR.350.000/pax Price include: pick up & transfer, private instructor, surfboard and rashguard Other things to note Don't worry each of the student has 1 instructor. Those who don't have any surfing experience are welcome
    Od Cena:$11 za osobu
  • Vietnam coffee journey-What local drink
    - 2 hours with 3 interesting rounds: Black, White and Egg - Cà phê Đen, Cà phê Sữa đá & Cà phê Trứng - Each round includes history, making, tasting and comparison between traditional style vs. modern style. - Tasting and tasting, you'll try 6-7 different drinks/styles of Vietnamese coffee - Tips and recipes for brewing these yummies by your self - Informative but concise, all about Vietnamese coffee only, no commercial or specialty biased view. - We don't do classes or teaching, but you'll understand how brewing methods / instruments bring out each style characteristic scientifically; not just people do this and get that. - After all, an overall image of the coffee that Vietnamese drink, then and now, even recently new trend. Other things to note We can start any time from 7am-3pm for groups from 2 pax. Just message me to arrange convenient time to adapt your plan!
    Od Cena:$19 za osobu
    * The Dezerter Bazaar is Tbilisi’s most unique and diverse food market. We meet up outside the market metro station and together with a shot of chacha I give you a short background about the history of the market and its significance for the city. * Then its eating time! I walk you around the market taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful chaos. You will get to taste food/drinks at each of our 10 stops and get to meet the producer of each food, people who have worked there for 30+ years. *The tour will include local pickles, local cheeses, dried fruit, fresh vegetables, spices, sweet treats and of course wine. There will also be a few surprises along the way. The only thing you need to bring is a big appetite! * We will end the session with a sit down meal at the BEST KHINKALI PLACE IN TBILISI. All in all, it's a great experience to find out about the food culture of Tbilisi whilst meeting new people. Other things to note: Please specify prior to the tour if you have any dietary requirements. Dress appropriate for the weather. Please bring a bottle of water and an empty stomach! If you don’t see open dates for the time of your visit, feel free to contact us in private messages. We are quite flexible and enthusiastic. Our insta account is @tbilisifoodtours
    Od Cena:$36 za osobu
  • InstaPhoto & Culture Walk in Santorini
    Are you searching for the perfect Instagram boyfriend? Want the best pictures & local information for your social media feed? Or just join a tailor-made tour? Look no further!! We are your insta-solution fused with the authentic experience of Santorini! This is your personalized photowalk and guided tour combined to offer you a fun experience from a local perspective! Perfect for visitors who want to get the most out of their limited time in a cost-effective way. The adventure begins when we explore the maze-like paths of Oia where we’ll: - Take you directly to 5 iconic locations to capture you in the perfect Instagram shot. - Discuss the island’s unique traits & history & teach you some conversational Greek, 'Opa! - Give tips about local restaurants, bars & activities. - Instant delivery of all the photos intended for social media via your preferred method of transfer: WhatsApp, Dropbox or Airdrop! Our photographic equipment is synced with our mobiles and, thus, we’ ll send you your photos instantly Instagram-ready from our phones. Other things to note We're here to photograph you so dress to impress! A clean & simple silhouette is always best. Be rested & hydrated! Remember we're your local experts -come prepared with any questions you may have! Kindly note that this is not a private tour. The maximum number of participants is 4 for each group.
    Od Cena:$104 za osobu