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//Vyzvednutí na letišti Narita/ GOTO / nesdíleno //国[[pl]] 用
Celá nemovitost: obytný dům · 6 hostů · 2 lůžka · 1,5 koupelny

//Vyzvednutí na letišti Narita/ GOTO / nesdíleno //国[[pl]] 用★ PŘEJÍT kampaň! 35% sleva ★ ★ POHODLNÝ NESDÍLENÝ DŮM + ZDARMA SOUKROMÉ VYZVEDNUTÍ NA LETIŠTI NARITA ★ ★ WIFI zdarma ★ KUCHYNĚ ★ TELE- PRÁCE ★ Jsme ideální ubytování pro 2 týdny pobytu! 1. Jeden dům, který používáte jen vy. Nesdílíte. 2. Nabízíme ZDARMA vyzvednutí služby na letišti Narita jen pro vás. Náš nesdílený dům + letiště vyzvednutí = jiné ceny hotelu;-) Náš dům je připojen přímo k dálnici. 30 minut na letiště Narita. Půjčovna jízdních kol na nákupy je k dispozici. (není nová!)

Krásný statek s posilovnou, saunou a bazénem
Celá nemovitost: vila · 7 hostů · 3 lůžka · 2,5 koupelny

Krásný statek s posilovnou, saunou a bazénemJust an hour's journey from Tokyo, this beautifully restored Japanese farmhouse is nestled in the heart of the Japanese countryside, surrounded by rice paddies, shrines, parks and golf courses. With its own natural swimming pool, indoor and outdoor kitchens, open bath, gym and sauna you can experience a traditional Japanese setting with modern luxuries, whether as a family looking to enjoy time together or travellers wanting to try something special during their time in Japan.

Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka · 8 hostů · 6 lůžek · 1,5 koupelny

0043★8ppl★30minDisneyLand★1minCHIBAstation★Wifi★【Chiba sta 1min J hotel 2020 Open】 This is a beautiful spacious hotel, an adult space, just opened in 2020. The rooms are in a safe place and have a comfortable environment !! Because we have prepared WIFI in the room, you can browse the internet for checking some information as well as working. We have provided the amenities in the room, making your stay more comfortable and convenient as if you are at home!

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  • Kuchyň
  • Wifi
  • Bazén
  • Parkování na pozemku v ceně
  • Klimatizace

Další skvělé rekreační pronájmy v destinaci Chiba

  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. 千葉市
$64 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Shisui, Imba District
[Daikichi] Dlouhodobá sleva, žádný poplatek Narita Airport drop-off and pick-up available, Stone House near Narita Airport, (outlet, hot spring)
$67 za noc
  1. Soukromý pokoj
  2. Ichihara
Convenient for Makuhari Message! 6 minutes on foot from JR Yahatajuku Station # 202 stylový pokoj # 6 people OK! Sousedství je vhodné pro 4 osoby!
$21 za noc
  1. Soukromý pokoj
  2. Ino Sakura-shi
Welcome to Japan! Are you hungry?
$30 za noc
  1. Soukromý pokoj
  2. Ichihara
Convenient for Makuhari Zpráva! 6 min chůze od stanice JR Yawatajuku ♪ 201 Stylový pokoj ♪ 10 lidí může být rezervováno ve stejnou dobu jako vedlejší pokoj
$20 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: podkroví
  2. 千葉市中央区
JR Chiba wark nebo jednokolejnice 2 st. ložnice v podkroví
$54 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: srub
  2. Yachimata
$456 za noc
  1. Soukromý pokoj
  2. Funabashi-shi
JR Funabashi Sta - Makuhari, Disney, Tokyo F-101
$24 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: dům pro hosty
  2. Ōamishirasato-shi
Oami Centrum pro vzdělávání, rekreaci a odpočinek
$64 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Chiba
$72 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Mihama-ku, Chiba
Soukromý byt/Snadný přístup do TDR a Makuhari Messe
$191 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Funabashi
Close to Disney Resort & Makuhari Messe! Max 3#ML2
$50 za noc

To nejlepší, co nabízí Chiba

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Origami Fun with a Japanese Instructor
    * Great for virtual gathering for groups of up to 30. Please contact me for customizations (e.g. 30/45-minutes) or to request a time/date not listed. Origami unites people and creates happiness, resulting in peace and smiles all around the world. I have found myself origami is quite versatile: easy to start, stimulating imagination and creativity, calming mind. I will run the session with much love of origami, which is interactive and includes joking. I hope all of the guests having smiles and laughters, which make me happy. I'll give you a handout pdf for the class in advance for your reference. In the class, let me give you a virtual tour of my place Tokyo suburb and show you some amazing origami works with some stories I have learned through my 10 years of experience. Then I'll teach how to fold some attractive origami works: easy and fun, just relax with having a cup of drink :-). Using origami paper you prepare, you'll be walked through each step of folding. You'll have three or four origami works completed in the class. Let's have fun with Origami and add more smiles to the world! Meet you soon :-)
    Od Cena:$19 za osobu
  • KIMONO Fabulous Photo Shoot in Tokyo
    instagram : @musuhitokyo * We will pick you up at the station and take you to our creative studio to get dress in your kimono. * After dressing we will head out to the day's location for our shoot * Our photo experience takes place at either of the following locations depending on the weather or season. * #1 Visit Asakusa Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine. Take photos around this iconic temple and area. (We will stay away from the crowded areas) *#2 Mukojima Hyakkaen Gardens a small, but delightful park and the only remaining flower garden in Tokyo from the Edo age. Hyakkaen Garden, The "Hundred Flowers Garden" was the dreamchild of an antiques dealer, Sahara Kikuu. As its name indicate, the garden is an excellent spot to view flowers at every season. The main attraction is the 30m long bush clover tunnel. * #3 The Tokyo Skytree as a backdrop (Options are available to take some great photos with the Skytree as a backdrop) #4 Yahiro / Mukojimajima (Shitamachi Zones) Take photos in front of Old Nagaya style homes and enjoy the charm of this old Neighborhood.
    Od Cena:$165 za osobu
  • Feeling Samurai Soul
    First you'll change the clothes into "kimono" and "hakama" is samurai style. Introducing with tea ceremony Matcha green tea and Wagashi sweets Next we'll watch a real Japanese katana—a traditional sword used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. Then you'll learn how to handle it with unsharpened katana. We'll also do a traditional Zen meditation.It called "Rituzen". After doing meditation, you will be calm mind and you can cut one bundle of straw with real sword. Through using with real katana yourself, you can feel one part of swordsmanship as samurai. Lastly, you'll watch a performance using real katana by host. We'll discuss what we've seen and learned over tea. This experience has no flashy production and luxury, but you can feel the "real". You can enjoy not only training but also total samurai culture with this time. More than over 50country, 2000 people joined in a year. From families, couples to martial artists, various people touched and enjoyed the “real” samurai world! If you bring a camera, you can taking some pictures of samurai pauses which learning in this experience! Other things to note Please be prepared for a serious experience involving concentration and real swords. Please do not drink alcohol. Please come to the venue about 20minutes before meeting up time for wearing kimono.
    Od Cena:$87 za osobu
  • Playing koto workshop Easy Koto Kanon
    Koto workshop:Meet at station and I take you to Japanese tatami room for play Koto. You can actually touch the koto and play it, and this koto uses a musical score, so even foreigners can easily play songs. You can play 1 song in this workshop. Introduce myself and yourself,explain about Koto and select your favorite songs.(5 minutes) Put the Koto pick control to belt to your finger size(5 minutes) Check to string place ofC.D.E and check the sound…….(10 minutes) Let’s play when select song!(15minutes)) Let’s play song togerther!(15 minutes) Take photo and let me know your experience and feedback(5 minutes) Other things to note Long nail is no good play Koto. I do not no responsibility about your cracking nails when you play it.
    Od Cena:$37 za osobu
  • SAKE×BEER×WAGYU Tasting &Pairing
    Cheers! We will start Omakase style with drinking Seasonal drinks. Then we will briefly introduce a few facts about sake and Japanese-food. The drinks we will prepare are unique and cannot be found in many other places. Our seasonal drinks include unique sake and beer as well. The wagyu which we using is the soft quality and the good balance of marbling making its rich flavor. The fat is sweet and the combination with the sizzling scent makes "WAGYU" known as the taste of art. The balance of fat and lean is said to be the best among the WAGYU. Furthermore, as you know Wagyu is not the thing for just red meat to eat so we will prepare and provide various part of WAGYU. In the end, we will enjoy the world-class taste of Japanese Food and the mixture of sake. Let us enjoy the feast with all our 5 senses. Other things to note Feel free to give us a message for any special reservations.
    Od Cena:$137 za osobu

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