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    Jak se může má nabídka kvalifikovat ke vstupu do programu Airbnb Plus?

    The Airbnb team reviews current listings for exceptional quality and design and invites hosts with eligible listings to join the program. 


    To be eligible for an invitation to Airbnb Plus, listings must be located in areas we support and hosts must demonstrate Superhost-level hospitality and have:

    • Maintained an average rating of 4.8 over the past year
    • No canceled reservations over the past year (unless there were extenuating circumstances)

    Airbnb Plus hosts are also held to additional exceptional hospitality standards by demonstrating that they:

    • Genuinely care by welcoming guests warmly and delighting them with details that let them know they’ve thought of everything
    • Provide outstanding service by being kind, responsive, and committed to making things right

    Additionally, Airbnb Plus spaces must be:

    • Well-designed in a way that shows the host's unique style and personality
    • Fully equipped with amenities like wifi, coffee, and quality linens
    • Spotlessly maintained, extra clean, and clutter-free

    Read the Airbnb Plus Terms and Conditions to find out more. 

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