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    Jak mohu zrušit svoji účast v Airbnb Plus?

    If at any point you decide to opt out of Airbnb Plus, you can revert your original listing on Airbnb and keep your existing guest ratings, reviews, and reservations. To do this, go to Manage Your Space in your hosting dashboard, and scroll until you see Leave Airbnb Plus.

    Keep in mind that if you leave Airbnb Plus and reactivate your original listing, all existing reviews and ratings will remain, but your listing will lose its Airbnb Plus program benefits, including the professional photos, updated listing description, and elevated search results.

    If you leave Airbnb Plus and decide to rejoin the program at a later time, your listing will first have to be re-invited, and you'll be required to go through the full onboarding process again.

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