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    Proč nemůžu nastavit vlastní propagaci pro některé termíny?

    We try our best to only highlight prices that are great deals for guests, so not every date will be eligible for a custom promotion. Limiting the number of eligible dates means that your promotion will actually stand out in search results, helping you get the attention of more guests.

    Median prices

    When we calculate the discounts, we look at the 30-day median price for each date. In other words, we line up all of the prices you had set for that date from lowest to highest, and the price that falls in the middle is the median.

    If we don’t have a 30-day median price for a date, it won’t be eligible for a promotion. The date must be:

    • Currently unblocked
    • Unblocked for 28 of the last 30 days
    • Less than 100 days away

    How it works

    Let’s say a guest searches for a night in June and over the last 30 days, you have set 4 different prices for the night the guest is looking for. At the time of the search, we would calculate the typical price for this night over the previous 30 days. To do this, we would add the middle 2 prices together, then divide them by 2 to get the median price.

    Price 1: $90
    Price 2: $100
    Price 3: $125

    Price 4: $140

    Median price: ($100 + $125) / 2 = $112.50

    Then, we compare the median price you have set over the last 30 days to the current price of the night the guest searched. If the current price is at least 10% less than the median ($112.50), we would show a crossed out price to the guest.

    Ex: $112.50 $100

    Higher than usual prices

    We want hosts to get perks for offering a deal, so we have some restrictions for dates that have unusually high prices. Your discount will be based on a price up to your highest-booked price in the last year. 

    How it works

    • You want to set a promotion for a night with a price of $500
    • The most you’ve been booked in the past year is $300 a night
    • You’ll be able to set a promotion, but the discount will be based on $300, not $500

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