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Rekreační pronájmy v Kamakura

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3min to the beach 専用シャワーブースあり&敷地内駐車場付
Soukromý pokoj · 2 hosté · 1 lůžko · Soukromá toaleta s umyvadlem

3min to the beach 専用シャワーブースあり&敷地内駐車場付ビーチまで徒歩3分に建つ一軒家。 近所にサーフボード等のレンタルショップ、スクールがあり、サーフィンをしたい方に好立地です。フレンドリーで旅行好きな家族(車で1年間世界旅行をした夫婦+男の子)がお迎えします。

2021年7月 OPEN 忍者ホテル鎌倉302 屋上BBQスペース有、からくり忍者部屋を探せ
Soukromý pokoj · 7 hostů · 4 lůžka · 1 soukromá koupelna

2021年7月 OPEN 忍者ホテル鎌倉302 屋上BBQスペース有、からくり忍者部屋を探せ忍者部屋が1部屋あります。 かりくり部屋なので、みんなで探しでください。 屋上で家族バーベキューも楽しめます。

It is a private house.Station and the sea nearby.
Celá nemovitost: obytný dům · 6 hostů · 6 lůžek · 1 koupelna

It is a private house.Station and the sea nearby.It is a private house.Up to 6 people can stay. A 5-minute walk to the station, 380 meters to the sea, and a supermarket nearby.There are kitchen tools so you can cook in the house. You can go sightseeing in Enoshima and Kamakura. Have wonderful memories. WIFI / Air conditioner / Refrigerator / Freezer / TV / Dryer / Ventilation system / Stove / Hot water supply / Tableware / Kitchen tools / Water server / Microwave oven / Electric kettle / Rice cooker / Washing machine / Drying machine / Hanger

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  • Domovy
  • Hotely
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  • Kuchyň
  • Wifi
  • Bazén
  • Parkování na pozemku v ceně
  • Klimatizace

Další skvělé rekreační pronájmy v destinaci Kamakura

  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Kamakura-shi
Lounge and roof terrace are available.(A)
$179 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Kamakura
Natural Breezy Kamakura II
$46 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. 藤沢市
Cítíš ten vánek a telepráci! Domácí parkování na ostrově Enoshima 
$85 za noc
  1. Chýše
  2. 鎌倉市
公 1日1公公公公公 Haletový dům SAKANOSHITA
$184 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Kamakura-shi
Žádný poplatek za úklid/Organic/Cozy/5min.sta/Nature/Sea
$95 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: dům pro hosty
  2. Kamakura-shi
海や江ノ島、富士山が一望できる山の上のリゾートATTA Hotel INAMURA
$386 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Fujisawa
Enoshima kamakura just 30 seconds from the station
$111 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Kamakura-shi
5min>oceán JPN dům u Sta 5paxInternet
$84 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Kamakura
$190 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Kamakura-shi
材木座海岸沿いの白い家( White House by the beach) TV放映されました。
$268 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Zushi-shi
【Kamakura・Zushi】140 公// Soukromý dům s výhledem na oceán
$237 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Kamakura
For sightseeing In and around Enoshima & Kamakura
$197 za noc

To nejlepší, co nabízí Kamakura

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Make Tokyo Sushi Roll at Home with a Pro
    "Great for corporate groups as team bonding!" "Great for individuals or families!" "Great for a gift for your family or friends!" "Vegetarian and Vegan can also enjoy this class!" Let’s learn how to make Decorative sushi & California roll correctly under kind directions of a professional Sushi Instructor during this online workshop ! This class is suitable for not only one to one lesson but also big group for team-building. I have held this online classes for team bonding, such as Google, Nike, Alibaba, Facebook, FedEx, Oculus and so on. The number of guests range from 1 to 50(Big group) If you need, please feel free to contact me and talk about details! ①Let’s make sushi rice. ②Let’s cut seaweed ③Let’s make colored rice. ④Let’s make Instagram-able decorative sushi roll. ⑤Let’s make Popular California Roll. ⑥Let’s take pictures and impress your friends by SNS and so on ! I use two web cameras properly depending on the situation to make each process easy for you :) I am sure that this class will help you have wonderful time at your house and refresh !!! I recommend children also can improve their imaginations and creativities. And more! You’ll impress your friends by beautiful pictures of your masterpieces !!! Both of Sushi rolls are really Instagram-able! Also you don't need sushi delivery from now on and you can save money! Let's make a brighter day with me!
    Od Cena:$27 za osobu
  • Enoshima SUP
    We'll start by meeting at Koshigoe station on the Enoden line. Next well have a meet and greet at my headquarters across the street. Then it's straight to the beach! After a short demonstration and explanation of safety procedures, we'll get right in the water and start paddling in a protected lagoon. It's a beautiful lagoon with caves and secret beaches to explore. This is a unique way to view the area and see Enoshima and Kamakura from a unique angle. After the paddle we can relax for lunch at my taco bar in Koshigoe (optional). Other things to note What should you bring? prepare for a day at the beach; Swimwear, sunscreen, towel, etc. Life vest will be provided. We are about an hour train ride from tokyo so please allow yourself plenty of time.
    Od Cena:$83 za osobu
  • Sushi bento making & seaside market Tour
    ・You can learn how to make home-style Japanese  dishes such as Tamagoyaki omelet, teriyaki-chicken, octopus shape sausage, and other typical Bento dishes. ・You can roll sushi by yourself with fillings you like.  (We try to find as many ingredients which you can  find easily in your country as possible.) ・You can make chopstick holders by origami which is children will make it easier. ・After packing your sushi in the Bento box, you can  bring it to Kamakura walk and lunch outside. ・After packing bento, we will go to the nearest supermarket for discovering what Japanese eat every day and for buying ingredients for bento-making, while explaining Japanese ingredients and advising what to buy for a souvenir. ・Vegan bento without meat, fish, and egg is available. (Please let us know in advance if you prefer vegan bento.) 【Note】 We do not use raw fish. Please enjoy your bento withing 2 hours (in the summertime, within 1 hour preferably) after the lesson. Other things to note Reservation required 2 days in advance
    Od Cena:$55 za osobu
  • Ochutnej přes 100 řemeslných saké
    Upon arrival we will begin with a "Welcome Kampai". Then we will take a deep dive into Japan's national beverage. Sample as many as 100 sake from over 50 different craft producers in various regions of Japan. These carefully selected sake products are not widely available in Japan due to their small production and focus on craftsmanship. This is a rare opportunity for a fun and educational sake experience, During the first hour, we will start with a guided tasting and explore the different grades of sake, categories and tasting profiles. Then, you are free to choose and sample from as many as 100 different sake in the store! Discover the beauty of premium sake. Other things to note Guests must be at least 20 years old
    Od Cena:$87 za osobu
  • A unique bar hopping in Yokohama
    Welcome to A unique bar hopping in Yokohama!  The bar crawl is a small group tour. I will take you to hidden bars that even Japanese people cannot find. You can drink sake, shochu, hoppy,Chu-hai, shiso sour and highball here. These are all unique alcoholic drink to Japan! The record high in this tour has ever been 6 bar hopping before. The area is called NOGE town where is one stop from Yokohama Station. Foreign tourists seldom visit here.Because NOGE town is not in Japan Travel Guide. There are very small bars and noisy izakayas that only locals people. I am sure that your experience will be something filled with stimulation for you. Feel free to ask me about time,schedule:) Other things to note Please note drinks and food at this bar tour aren't included. Bring cash. We will split bill in all bars. I apologize in advance my English is beginner and may use translation function sometimes .
    Od Cena:$42 za osobu

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