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Rekreační pronájmy v Kitami

Rekreační pronájmy v Kitami

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Nejlépe hodnocené rekreační pronájmy ve městě Kitami

Hosté souhlasí: tyto pobyty jsou vysoce hodnoceny podle lokality, čistoty a dalších faktorů.

Tida House (Hand-made strawbale house!) ティダハウス
Dům v zemi · 2 hosté · 2 lůžka · 1,5 koupelny

Tida House (Hand-made strawbale house!) ティダハウスWe are at country site surrounded by potato fields. You can stay at self-builded straw bale house. We have two singl beds, and very simple cooking facilities, toaster, microwave oven and a refrigerator.

Sea Side Stay
Celý penzion · 3 hosté · 3 lůžka · 1 koupelna

Sea Side Stay ~新しい旅のスタイル~ 丘の上に位置するここからの眺めは素晴らしく、「知床連峰やオホーツク海」が一望できます。 女満別空港から車で20分の場所に位置し、オホーツク圏内の観光地まで車で1時間~2時間という利便性。四季を通じた楽しみ方やお宝スポットも紹介させて頂きます。皆様のよきサポーターとなれたら幸いです。 今年2月に宿泊されたゲストさんが、You Tubeにアップロードしてくれました。 (#網走、#ゲストハウスで検索)

網走まちなかゲストハウス ワ タ ラ 501号室
Soukromý pokoj · 3 hosté · 2 lůžka · 1 sdílená koupelna

網走まちなかゲストハウス ワ タ ラ 501号室網走のまちなかに泊まる、まちなかで遊ぶ。 豊かな自然あふれる網走市、その歴史と文化の中心となる商店街のゲストハウス。

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  • Kuchyň
  • Wifi
  • Bazén
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  • Klimatizace

Další skvělé rekreační pronájmy v destinaci Kitami

  1. Hotelový pokoj
  2. Abashiri
Imodango mura Large room

A view of the Okhotsk Sea and Shiretoko, the vast farm bed and breakfast in the hills of Okhotsk, is the best, along the tourist route 'Diameter of Impressions' Enjoy a panoramic view of the Sea of Okhotsk and Shiretoko peninsula while taking a walk through a large field using the farming road in the village grounds of the village, and then drive the “inspiring diameter” passing through the grounds. You can enjoy it by taking a walk.

$24 za noc
  1. Celý dům
  2. Shari-chō, Shari-gun
Single-storied house in town central at Shiretoko

It is a 10-year-old single-storied house in the center of Shari-town central, close to Shiretoko-Shari Station. There are 1 entrance, 2 Western-style rooms, 1 Japanese-style room, living and dining room with kitchen, bathroom, washing and drying machine. ※Please input precise number of person because we have to prepare. If we find a violation of the terms of inviting a additional people who has not declared, you will be asked to leave immediately and the balance will not be refunded. Thank you!

$128 za noc
  1. Celý srub
  2. Kamishihoro
Base for Daisetsuzan national park in Onsen town

More than 2nights required. 70min driving to Japan's famous autumn leaves trecking. The house is in hot spring town.There is no bathroom but you can enjoy hopping nice Onsens in hotels by walk.In winter,powder skiing is available at Sounkyo and smelt ice fishing is so fun! *Airbnb system doesn't count the price for infants but price for infants is not free. please check below.

$55 za noc
  1. Farma
  2. Monbetsu-gun
Private Farm house in great nature of Hokkaido!!

The house stands in our field surrounded by a great,beautiful nature of Hokkaido.There is no convenience store or restaurant near here,so that you can have an experience of real Japanese-countyside-life!!

$109 za noc
Prozatím žádná hodnocení
  1. Celý dům
  2. Ozora, Abashiri-gun
Eastern Hokkaido! guest house in Okhotsk #NU1

Guest house, which is renovated 43 years old house. This building was used as a tailor, so we have decorated some sewing machines and equipment, which were used back then. Those items were used in the Showa era, and you can feel a nostalgic and relaxed atmosphere. Okhotsk is one of Japan's most pristine natural areas. You can enjoy beautiful natural scenery, wild animals, and food in Okhotsk in all seasons. Each season has its own charm, so you can enjoy it throughout the year.

$113 za noc
  1. Celý dům
  2. 阿寒郡
One house. Farm inn Torch in Tsurui, Hokkaido.

One house in the pature land. Northern Europe design house. There are Kushiro wetland and red crowned cranes are our most popular attraction. Prepared for Family, Group, Long Stay, Immigration Experience. You can also enjoy BBQ at outside terrace. I rent you BBQ set if you want. Its management is regulated under the Hotel Business Law. The price is for 4 people. Over 4, you need to pay 3000 yen per person. The owner lives next to cottage, you can ask her if you need something.

$237 za noc
  1. Celý byt
  2. Kitami
オホーツク、道東の拠点都市、北見での滞在をサポート!  ゲストハウス一番街 403号室

 北見市の中心市街地にあり、商店街の中心に位置しています。JR北見駅・バスターミナルから徒歩3分。女満別空港から車で約45分、山の水族館から33km、北きつね牧場から34kmの場所に位置する宿泊施設です。  ワンルームを使用可能、部屋の広さは10坪(34㎡)、バス、トイレ、キッチン、洗面台完備、3つベッドあり、原則3人用の部屋ですが、少し大きいソファーベッドで小さな子供との添い寝ができます。(ファミリーで最大4人まで宿泊可)小さな子供がいても気兼ねなく家にいるように過ごせます。  この道東の地域は、4つの国立公園(大雪山国立公園、知床国立公園、阿寒国立公園、釧路湿原国立公園)と一つの国定公園(網走国定公園)に指定されている稀有な地域で、四季のそれぞれのシーズン毎に変化する道東、オホーツクの大自然を満喫してください! 皆様のお越しを心よりお待ちしています。

$46 za noc
  1. Celý dům
  2. Kiyosato, Shari-gun

4LDKの平屋の一軒家をまるごと使って頂けます!築年数は古いですが、度々リフォームがなされていて、トイレは水洗、お風呂も清潔で、古いながらも清潔感のある家です。 駐車場は2,3台停められるスペースがあります。冬季は除雪の必要があるので、もし2台以上停める可能性がある場合はご連絡ください。 道の駅のきれいな銭湯まで車で2分、徒歩でも7分程度です。 ※決して新しい家ではないので、どうしても古びている部分があったり、虫が入ることなども度々あります。ただかなり大事に使われているので、生活に関しては不便はありません。古い家でも設備があれば気にならない方におすすめですが、少しでも汚い部分があると気になる方にはおすすめできません。

$50 za noc
  1. Celý dům
  2. 清里町
Cozy simple guest house MAx 8 people can stay

I recommend to all guest come my place by car. A lot of area very far and hard to use public transport. One group can use whole house now, shere house before. you can parking car in front of house. Kiyosato town is very very country side , some guest Disappointed it, People who want to experience country life, please stay at this house by all means Please check on yourself before booking. We don't bring any guest for sightseeing.

$46 za noc
  1. Soukromý pokoj
  2. Abashiri

オホーツクの農家が営む民宿。北海道の大自然を満喫したい人に最適。 部屋はツインベットや和室です。

$42 za noc
  1. Celý dům
  2. Kiyosato, Shari-gun
ALMOST ENTIRE HOUSE - Renovated house in Shiretoko

You can go around 45 minutes by car to both of Utoro district of Shiretoko World Heritage and Akan Mashu National Park. And 8 min. by walk from JR Kiyosato station. The house has a manager room, but washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and entrances are separated. You can use here as a base to go around the World Heritage and National Park, to go up the Mt. Shari, to stay while working by hi-speed internet, and chill and relax in the town area but really calm. Enjoy your stay as you like!

$328 za noc
  1. Celý byt
  2. Bihoro, Abashiri District
GLOCE Guestroom Bihoro -313-

You can rent an apartment in Bihoro-Cho where is perfect for enjoying Hokkaido's nature. This facility is ideal for families, friends, and anyone who wants to spend a relaxing time in their own private space. ★Important notice★ If you rent this apartment more than 3 people, it will cost another 1,000 yen. Please know before you book here.

$63 za noc

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