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Rekreační pronájmy v Marzamemi

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Nejlépe hodnocené rekreační pronájmy ve městě Marzamemi

Hosté souhlasí: tyto pobyty jsou vysoce hodnoceny podle lokality, čistoty a dalších faktorů.

Il Ficodindia Rekreační dům 1
Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka · 3 hosté · 1 lůžko · 1 koupelna

Il Ficodindia Rekreační dům 1Krásný byt se nachází v živém srdci námořní vesnice Marzamemi, pár kroků od moře a pár kroků od centrálního náměstí Podívejte se na naše promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR1i3BoJRwQ

Prostorný a rustikální středomořský dům
Celá nemovitost: obytný dům · 5 hostů · 3 lůžka · 1 koupelna

Prostorný a rustikální středomořský důmProstorný a rustikální středomořský dům na Sicílii, 10 minut jízdy autem od přírodní rezervace Vendicari, dobře propojený s Marzamemi, starobylou tuňákovou vesnicí. Na pláž dojdete pěšky za 10 minut a na vesnici Marzamemi za 15 minut. Pokud jste v Food & Wine, jste na správném místě! Turistika a koupání: Vendicari rezervace, Netum Mount Alveria, Cavagrande del Cassibile rezervace, Pantalica rezervace, Cava Carosello, Cava d´Ispica a Mount Etna.

Studio v centru Marzamemi
Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka · 2 hosté · 1 lůžko · 1 koupelna

Studio v centru MarzamemiZbrusu nové dobře udržované studio se nachází v blízkosti starého města Marzamemi, méně než 150 metrů od moře. Skládá se z kuchyně, ložnice (spí 2), koupelny a samostatný vchod. Check-in: dalle 12:00 alle 20:00 / Check-out: entro le ore 10:00

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  • Domovy
  • Hotely
  • Jedinečné pobyty

Oblíbené vybavení v rekreačních pronájmech ve městě Marzamemi

  • Kuchyň
  • Wifi
  • Bazén
  • Parkování na pozemku v ceně
  • Klimatizace

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To nejlepší, co nabízí Marzamemi

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Fresh Pasta with two Sicilian Farmers
    We will make pasta from scratch from the kitchen of our small farm in Sicily where we live. We try to give you an opportunity to submerge yourself in an authentic Traditional food culture experience with a step-by-step cooking class. A Farm approach to the kitchen based on the history of Southern Italian gastronomy where the Mediterranean Diet came from. According to the season, at this time we will make Lemon Tagliolini and we show you how to make other different traditional shapes of pasta. Together we will prepare the lemon sauce first and then we will make and cook pasta. Our online experience is great for Solo cuisine explorers, Families, Groups of Friends, Birthday Parties, Holiday Celebrations, Team-building & Corporate Events. It has already been rated with 5 stars by companies like Alphabet, Verizon etc. For Private Groups we offer the possibility to request other typical traditional Sicilian/Italian recipes: Parmigiana, Ravioli and Tomato Sauce, Cavatelli and Sicilian Pesto, Traditional Baked Pasta, Sorrentinas Gnocchi Contact us for a NEW DATE or TIME! @threefarmsisland In order to guide you properly, we kindly ask you to make ONE RESERVATION FOR EACH PERSON
    Od Cena:$34 za osobu
  • Tastes of Sicily at Our Farm
    We invite you to spend a relaxing day on our Bio farm in Sicily, surrounded by Citrus, Almonds and Olive trees! Enjoy a day of nature, incredible views, friendly people, great food and wine! Upon arrival, we'll walk around the estate so you can see our citrus gardens and olive grown. We'll visit the gardens to gather some ingredients for our lunch, which we'll prepare. You'll find out how traditional Sicilian cuisine is simple, fresh, and delicious. Depending on the season, we might pick olives, wild asparagus, wild herbs, oranges, lemons etc.. During lunch (or dinner in summer when it is too hot for lunch) we will taste our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. We will also do a tasting of our red wine Nero d'Avola or a white Wine Inzolia to finish with our Limoncello handmade of course! Other things to note Families are welcome. If you don't have a car, there are several buses and train to Noto. Searching online: INTERBUS,AST orTRENITALIA for time schedule. When you arrive in Noto, we will pick you up.
    Od Cena:$82 za osobu
  • Prepare almond milk & almond pudding
    I and Annarella are farmers who grow almonds in Sicily, it’s a pleasure for us to show you how to make almond milk first and then prepare together a traditional Sicilian dessert using that: the Biancomangiare. A tasty and fresh almond pudding. From the Tree to the glass, to the dish, explaining all the steps this experience will be a little trip to Sicily. Tasting and speaking about almonds from the kitchen of our little organic Farm, this will be an occasion to learn the difference between the plant-based drink you can buy in any store and the real original recipe to make your own almond milk from scratch. Almonds were first cultivated in Sicily 2000 thousand years ago. As you can imagine, there’s a long and deep tradition between Farmers and Almonds here and a huge number of ways to use them in the kitchen. The medieval recipe is still alive in our Region so we are happy to share how to make and how to use it today. This became an occasion to prepare also a traditional dessert so easy to make and with such a gentle taste, it will surprise you :) GREAT FOR TEAM BUILDING, GROUPS and FAMILIES DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT ME FOR NEW DATE
    Od Cena:$30 za osobu
  • Vendicari, Bird Sanctuary & Tuna farm
    Please before booking always contact me, also we can move the experience starting time and date to suit you. Don't be shy drop me a message for any information. Vendicari is the most popular natural reserve in the south-east of Sicily. It's stunning beaches, dunes, marshland vital for African migratory birds and Ancient History will give you a full insight into the influences that made Sicily great throughout history. We will take a walk to experience the marshland that is home to the migratory birds, the dunes which is an almost extinct habitat in Sicily, the ancient tuna factory, a Spanish defence tower and finally an ancient Greek fish farm. Here you will also have to possibility to have a swim at one the most natural and pristine beaches of Sicily.
    Od Cena:$82 za osobu
  • Star Gazing and Cosmology on the Beach
    We will meet next to the Hotel Eloro. From there we gonna hike for about 10 Minutes to the Beach "Cala Pizutta". There you will get a gernal overview on the tecniques of ancient astronomy. Together we will be spoting the appearence of the first stars in the nightsky. You will learn the spot the main constellations of the particular season, the visible planets, other star constellations an the north star. During sitting together under the night sky I will share some mythic stories about the zodiac and the Great Year. We can use a astrolabe, an ancient device, to find out under which star you are born. If interested I can give you a basic horoscope reading Other things to note Participation at your own risks
    Od Cena:$34 za osobu

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