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Horse Back Trail Rides Fantastic View
Join us for a great Western experience on a working 1,800+ acre ranch! Experience the scenery, the cowboys, and the bond between horse and man. We will start with meeting the horses and getting each guest saddled with the horse that fits them best. Next we walk through basic communication with the horse, and then begin our 2 hour round trip ride up the renowned Grey Cliffs for which the area is named. These Grey Cliffs are specifically known for being the cliffs the local natives used to drive buffalo off, as part of their hunt. Excavation at the base of the cliffs have revealed hundreds of bones from these magnificent creatures. Now these cliffs represent an amazing place to immerse oneself in the peace of the whole valley as they gaze all the way to the Crazy mountains. We hope our guests will leave with a lifelong appreciation for the amazing creature that horses really are, an anticipation for the next ride, and last but not least a newfound love that lasts a lifetime.
Blue Flower Trail Ride
Saddle up for a true Western adventure! Perfect for beginners and pros alike, experience the spectacular scenery of Paradise Valley on this guided horseback trek along the Blue Flower Trail. No worries about directions or navigation; simply follow your guide and you can focus on capturing photos of the striking vistas. Each of our members has a passion for the outdoors, animals, and wildlife. They will entertain you with facts about the ranch and the surrounding area. With the majestic Absaroka Mountains as your backdrop, learn about the land’s original inhabitants, the Crow tribe, and the local ecosystem. Be sure to bring your binoculars – and camera! – as you may have the unique opportunity to view some of Montana’s natural inhabitants, including mule deer, golden eagles, fox, elk, and more! It is the Certified Horsemanship Association’s recommendation that the weight of the rider does not exceed 20% of the weight of the horse. We can accommodate a maximum weight of 200 pounds. We ask that you meet at the Lodge 15 minutes prior to the start of the ride so that you can be given safety instructions. Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Also bring a water bottle and your sense of adventure! Finally, this trail ride is completely dependent upon weather conditions. In the event that the weather is not suitable for the ride, we will reschedule or refund your tour.
One of a kind backroads tour and private dinner
Experience Central Montana through a 100 mile back roads tour. You will go through prairies, farm land and the Highwood mountains on both public and private roads with a local guide. You can expect unique opportunities to see Montana's abundant wildlife and natural wonders throughout historic and geological scenery. Following the tour you will be treated to a private out door, home cooked dinner; made from scratch with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Goat Farm Visit
We will relax and pet goats in the grass or barn This is a small herd of friendly milk goats. My son and I have raised these goats since they were babies, so they are very friendly and calm! All of the activity will be on my farm near the barn area. The amount of walking or exploring is group dependent. Goats love to eat! They will also impress us with their climbing and curiosity. Many times of year we have baby goats--"kids" that are fun to pet. My son Adam will also be hosting some of the walks.
Glacier area guided hike to hidden gems - includes photos
Hike like a local! There's so much more beauty to see in NW Montana! Let us take you on an unforgettable journey outside (or inside) Glacier Park with little to no crowds. There's so many hidden gems around Glacier NP. If you weren't able to get a GTTSR pass, don't worry I can get you into the park and away from the crowds. I'm a professional photographer and will snap frame-worthy pictures of you or your group. I'll also give you simple tips and tricks to take better photos on any camera or phone, and even some editing tricks. I'll send you a link with all your photos within a few days of our hike for you to share with your friends and family. I'll send you a questionnaire beforehand where you'll answer how far you want to hike and what skill level you are. We'll discuss what kind of hike you want to do; I'll pick a spot that matches your abilities, and we'll meet at the trailhead. All levels welcome. What do you want see/experience near Glacier? -alpine lakes -scenic views -wildlife viewing -dog friendly hikes -hike and lounge at a lake -kid friendly We'll also discuss basic wilderness first aide, what to do if you encounter wildlife, and how to identify animals by their tracks. I'll also help you plan out the rest of your trip here in Montana. *bear spray included *hiking poles avail *no mask needed *dog & kid friendly options
Erik's Ranch Property Trail Ride
For a truly authentic western experience, nothing beats touring Erik’s Ranch from atop a horse. From early settlers to John Wayne himself, people have found there’s no better way to see, smell, and experience the Wild West! Enjoy time away from life’s stress as you meander the beautiful grounds of Erik’s Ranch. Our trail rides offer a truly exhilarating experience, as you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside that Montana has to offer. You will also enjoy riding happy, well-cared-for horses that are chosen for their health, beauty, disposition, and friendliness. Trail rides are weather dependent and run during the spring, summer, and fall. The minimum age required to ride is 8 years old. Also, for younger riders, we require them to be at least 4'2 and 60 pounds. Please note it is the Certified Horsemanship Association’s recommendation that the weight of the rider does not exceed 20% of the weight of the horse. The maximum weight is 200 pounds. Please note that if there is a rider with special needs, we will gladly accommodate you with a horseback ride in the safety and quiet of our barn. Finally, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the ride so that you can be given safety instructions.
Chimney Rock Trail Ride
Hop into the saddle, take the reins and traverse the trails of Paradise Valley in true Western fashion atop one of our gentle horses. Follow the lead of our equestrian adventure as we show you to a true hidden gem – Chimney Rock – and enjoy a gold mine of mountain views. Once you arrive, take a break and behold this giant piece of rock that rests at an elevation of 7,650 feet and overlooks three different mountain ranges: the Absaroka, the Bridger and the Gallatin Ranges. As we set out for our return, prepare yourself (and your camera) for another opportunity to soak in the stunning scenery that makes our ranch so special. Some previous horseback riding experience is recommended for guests of the Chimney Rock Trail Ride. By taking this breathtaking journey with us, you not only create lifelong memories for you and your party – you make our mission possible.
Wool felting slippers or mittens
Make your own slippers or mittens from raw wool! Have you always wondered how wool is made into a wearable, felted clothing or accessory? This class will show you the transformation of fluffy wool to cozy slippers/mittens! This experience will walk you through how to make your own slippers or mittens from wool. We will use the "wet felting" technique to shape and size your mittens or slippers. You will make your own warm and cozy mittens or slippers or make a pair to give as a gift! We will start in a rustic Art Studio cabin (with masks and social distancing) and determine your slipper or mitten size and then you can chose the color of wool. I will show you the basic steps prior to starting and then work with you as you layer the fluffy wool into the shape of the pattern. As the class progresses we will add warm, soapy water and start the felting process! The next step is called "fulling" on an antique wash board. The final step is finishing your mittens or slippers by fitting them to your hands or feet while they are still damp. You will take them home slightly wet, but they should dry by morning. PLEASE request a time and I will work you into my schedule! Great for team building and corporate events!
Keep Calm and Brush On
Spend an hour in our rustic barn with a guide and one of our beautiful horses in what can best be described as an equine spa day. You will get to groom and pet the horses—then tack one up (place saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses), for a ride in our indoor arena. You can bask in the serene energy of these gentle giants, and in turn they will benefit from kind touch and some extra TLC. Horses are known to mirror their rider’s emotions, which means they can easily establish connection with humans. This hands-on experience is designed to be an hour of immersive collaboration between man and beast. Other things to note: Please note this tour is designed for up to 4 participants, so come alone or bring a friend. When registering please provide rider’s heights and weights, as our horses can hold various sizes. Too tall or heavy? No worries, you can still participate!
Big Sky Parasail- Whitefish, Mt
Come Parasail over Whitefish Lake. Take off and land on the boat gently. Stay dry. No special ability required. Go for a ride up to 400 feet above the lake. We are the area's only professional parasail service. Reservations are required. We make pick ups from the commercial dock on City Beach in Whitefish, MT. Parking is tricky, so give yourself extra time and arrive early. Please don't come out onto the dock unless you see the parasailing boat, and it's your time to fly. All paperwork, etc is handled on the boat, not the dock. We can accommodate up to 7 passengers per trip, and can fly 2 or 3 passengers in the air at one time (depending on weight)- flight time is about 10 minutes. Great view of the local area. You are in great hands as the staff has over 15 years experience in the industry. Photo and Gopro options are available for $30. You will leave this experience with a clear mind and a jolt of adrenaline. Can only hold reservation for flyers. Observers can come on a space available basis at time of departure for $30. Bring credit card and any other personal items. Crew tips are appreciated. Plenty of storage space on boat.
Sundowner Grizzly Excursion
Grab your binoculars and get ready to head to Tom Miner Basin! Did you know grizzly bears once roamed throughout the entire western United States, through the Great Plains, into Mexico, and along rivers in desert habitats? Sadly, control actions and habitat loss has eliminated them from 98 percent of their original domain in the U.S. But you can still find them in Montana! These awe-inspiring giants tend to be solitary animals, so while there is no guarantee that every tour group will see one, there are usually a wide range of creatures to be spotted! From grizzly bears, to black bears, to mule deer, to elk, to raptors, and more. To view our furry friends from a safe distance, we have a spotting scope and binoculars. If you have a pair of your own, bring them along! Book now for your chance to glimpse these majestic symbols of the wild. Other things to note: It's important for our tour participants to understand that seeing a grizzly bear is not guaranteed!
Floating Big Springs River Experience
We will meet you at the boat dock with our kayaks and help you launch onto the kayak. Then we will float down the river enjoying the beautiful views. We will give you your own space ahead of us but close enough if you need assistance. At the end we will pick you up and take you back to the boat launch area to pick up your car(s). Other things to note The river is very shallow through most of the float. The river ranges in depths of zero to eight feet deep. You may have to pull your boat for a second if you hit a high spot.
Dinner featuring local Blackfeet foods
Guests will arrive on location and sit down for an evening overlooking Duck Lake on the Blackfeet Reservation. Weather dependent, this may be outside. Dinner will be a four course meal consisting of an appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert along with a paired tea. Dishes will highlight the ancestral foods of the area and consist of locally harvested ingredients.
A Great Western Horseback Experience
Join us for a great Western experience on a working 1,800+ acre ranch! Experience Montana, the cowboys, and the horses that make Montana. We will start with meeting the horses and getting each guest saddled with the horse that fits them best. Next we will go through a few basic communication techniques with the horses for those that need them and then hit the trails! This ride works its way through some of the valleys and hills on our ranch. Guests oftentimes see deer, wild turkey, and on rarer occasions the local bear and cub that have made their home on our ranch, or the elk herd that winters here. The ride climaxes on one of the lower sections of the Grey cliffs for which the area is known, with a view over the Yellowstone River Valley and view towards the Crazy Mountains.
Hike to Chimney Rock
Attention photographers, nature lovers, and explorers! Looking for a beautiful guided hike on private land where you can enjoy the beauty, peace and quiet of Big Sky country with minimal distractions and maximum views? Then you are in luck. Our enthusiastic tour guides are members of Erik’s Ranch, which provides young adults on the autism spectrum with first-of-its-kind living, working, and social environments. They will lead you on this gorgeous trek to Chimney Rock and back. What is Chimney Rock? A distinctive giant piece of rock on a hill visible from the ranch peeking out of the landscape, Chimney Rock is almost calling for visitors. Along the way, your ears will be treated to birdsong with the possibility of deer or elk sightings, too. This is their yard, after all. Our members enjoy pointing out the best scenery to capture with a camera, including a few beautiful panoramas of mountain ranges worthy of space in your travel scrapbook, so be sure to have your phone ready. You’ll also hike through some beautiful forested acres, and work on your quads as you hike at a slight incline the way there. It is the perfect mix of peaceful walk and exercise you have been craving from the couch. Other things to note: If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at (612) 401-3080. Please note that this hike is completely dependent upon weather conditions.