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bedroom desk
bedroom desk
  • your breakfast table (outdoor)
  • The bright living room...
  • ...during the day...
  • ..where you can have a chat with Maria or with me or watch some tv :)
  • the flowery terrace
  • The kitchen and the door to the terrace.
  • Your breakfast table (indoor)
  • the wonderful kitchen where you'll be having breakfast
  • Your cozy green bedroom :)
  • bedroom desk
  • bedroom
  • your cozy bedroom
  • the big bathroom with the bathtub...
  • ...and bidet :)
  • the big bathroom with the bathtub (there is another smaller bathroom with toilet and sink too!)
  • The beautiful flowery flowery terrace!
  • The beautiful view, when the sky is blue :)
  • the view from the terrace before the storm!
  • Taaz :)  the sweetest tree-climbing, talkative cat
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bedroom desk
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