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Welcome to Casal Del Azul 
"the house of the Blue"
Welcome to Casal Del Azul 
"the house of the Blue"
  • Wake up to  a MESMERIZING sunrise every morning!! "Casa Del Azul", exactly faces sunrises over the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. Magical - Mystical - Incredibly peaceful and soothing. The 3 Bedrooms have their own fully equipped Bathrooms, and boast approximately 350 SF of space. The Master Bedroom is approximately 650 SF, and Living room approximately 1000 SF. An exclusive 2,500 SF rooftop entertaining area features a working Bar (with fridge), and a large custom made Fire Pit. The outside patio is approximately 4,000 SF. A Maid (2h/day), Airport transfers (up to 4 people arriving AT THE SAME TIME), a DEDICATED English/French speaking host that will greet you are all INCLUDED!! Personal chef, ATV rental, Fishing, Kite Surfing etc. All available for an additional fee. 45 Minutes from Los Cabos International Airport in Baja, Mexico! Cabo WITHOUT the tourists!
  • There is plenty of space for lounging and relaxing. A 4,000 sft Terrace and grass Area.
  • Plenty of space on the "Dance Floor". The Terrace covers over 4,000 SF of premium real estate (excluding an amazing Rooftop Area with a Bar and FirePit).
  • Casa Del Azul ("The house of the Blue") rises atop Buena Vista magnificent views. Spanish style Villa of simple elegance with extreme attention to details.
  • The 80 feet Salt natural water infinity pool also feature a 30 feet kids pool area (2 pools in one), 60% covered by a tastefully built Palapa.
  • The dining table can sit up to 14 people comfortably.
  • There is something very special about the living area. This table was hand made of 4 different kinds of woods, as well as the 14 chairs. Views Views Views...
  • The Kitchen is bright and well equipped
  • Kitchen Island for memorable discussions
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Enjoy a nice drink in front of a beautiful View....
  • .... Yup that's the View alright!
  • All bedrooms are well appointed with top of the line exterior fans and dedicated outside sitting areas
  • All Rooms (except the Master Bedroom) are appointed in the same way and with similar equipment. Note the wood like details (windows, electrical plugs, fans etc).
  • Every room as two modern side light. One (left on this pic) offer USB charging, and the other is powered by a simple touch, you can even get different light by leaving your finger on it for 3 secs (need to be charged with a USB cord)
  • Each room has remote controls to modern fans, and energy saving inverters. We highly recommend to them off if you are way! The recommended temperature is 27. There is a night + quiet mode.
  • Bed (Mattresses) have been imported from the US and are top of the line Memory Foam. They will adjust to your body and keep you cool at night!
  • Every room has plenty of storage space and a dedicated LockBox
  • Every Bedroom has its own bathroom with the same modern, clean look and top of the line rain showers (imported from Italy)
  • This is Room 1, 2 and 3 Vanity set up. Clean, bright and modern.
  • These Rain showers are simply put "out of this world". They provide for a soothing feeling while conserving water. You'll have to turn the square left knob to operate hot water.
  • Hot/cold water knob
  • Room #1 has 2 views, the large window provide an incredible view over the sea and Kids' pool area.
  • Side View from Room #1
  • Every Bedroom (except for the Master) has the same shower Area made of beautiful stone tiles.
  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom. The California king size frame was built locally. This room is approximately 650 sf and include a wonderful outside PRIVATE Terrace
  • Master Bedroom double custom made vanities.
  • Master Bedroom Shower (notice the extra large Rain Shower).
  • An extra large (Italy made) Rain shower and bathtub is available in the Master Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom Private Patio
  • Kids' pool area, because who is more important?
  • The Kids' pool area is protected by an 18" underwater wall. Please keep your children in sight AT ALL TIMES (drowning takes seconds).
  • There is a 5th GUEST Bathroom
  • Guest Bathroom view
  • Great lounging and reading area. A comfortable outside Queen Bed is awaiting you and easily inflatable (electrical pump)
  • Side view of the natural Salt Water Infinity Pool
  • 80 feet long Infinity (salt water) pools are highly unusual, and provide for a great work out in the early morning.
  • It took over 4 months to build this custom made, SALT natural Pool
  • Specially made anti-hurricane shutters with the owner's favorite color "Azul".
  • Not your typical 39 feet pool...! 80 feet of smoothness! :)
  • There is an underwater bench (sip your Marguarita under the Palapa) and one entry stairwell. Please DO NOT JUMP in the pool.
  • House side view from Room #1
  • Multiple power sockets are available throughout the property and at the roof top Bar level as well.
  • Blue, to be precise: Cyan Blue can be spotted throughout from the gorgeous vases at the entrance of the house to the rooftop Bar...
  • A super nice and modern outside shower is available. If you swim in the Sea, PLEASE take a shower before entering the pool. There is a bacteria that can ruin the swimming pool equipment.
  • House Entrance up the stairs
  • Pure and clean lines over the wood looking custom made tiles. Don't run while outside! While these tiles are anti-slip when wet, an accident can always happen.
  • Sometimes, all you need is to disconnect, breath and enjoy the view. Because what else matter? A beautiful sun, water, great food, peace, quiet, and love...
  • Organize your workshops (Valentine Thomas world Champion Spearfishing woman featured here). Yoga, Photography, meditation, you name it...
  • The best Bar in Town?
  • Bar Fire Pit
  • Welcome to Casal Del Azul 
"the house of the Blue"
  • INCREDIBLE DEAL - 5 STARS RESORT (discounts avail)
  • Baja's mesmerizing skies offer a different symphony every day. You can watch an actual trillion of stars here every night!
  • INCREDIBLE DEAL - 5 STARS RESORT (discounts avail)
  • INCREDIBLE DEAL - 5 STARS RESORT (discounts avail)
  • INCREDIBLE DEAL - 5 STARS RESORT (discounts avail)
  • INCREDIBLE DEAL - 5 STARS RESORT (discounts avail)
  • Bedroom set up
  • Bedroom view (all bedroom have a sea view)
  • INCREDIBLE DEAL - 5 STARS RESORT (discounts avail)
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Bright room
  • INCREDIBLE DEAL - 5 STARS RESORT (discounts avail)
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Welcome to Casal Del Azul "the house of the Blue"