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Single Bedroom in Co-living house Palermo Soho!

Soukromý pokoj v dům s hostitelem Jorge
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Tento hostitel se zavázal k vylepšenému úklidu Airbnb v pěti krocích.
Domácí pravidla
Toto ubytování není vhodné pro děti do 12 let a hostitel nepovoluje domácí mazlíčky, večírky a kouření.
Casa Borges is a 24/7 self-service, walk-in, walk-out concept without a receptionist or other personnel. Guests shall feel at home and inspired rather than confined in a corporate setting – it is your home away from home in BUENOS AIRES, however long your stay may be.

Casa Borges endeavors to make guests feel at home the moment they enter the HOUSE, with the ability to store belongings and food, use of a common kitchen and living space. Mingle with HOUSE mates or hang out on your own, work, rest or play.

Přístup pro hosty
All of the common areas are available for your use.

Další věci, které stojí za zmínku
As most co-living experiences, this house has some rules!


1) The entrance to the rooms by invitees is not allowed, only in common areas. Invitees or any person that is not a guest at the house would only be allowed visiting from 16 Hs to 22 Hs, after that, you can enjoy the vast variety of restaurants, bars and clubs the area has to offer! Neighbors and other guests of the house need their quiet time and non-disturbed sleep before studying/work, so please be respectful and take your invitees somewhere else after that time.

2) It is not allowed to keep any kind of luggage belonging to people that is not currently a guest. This is for safety and insurance reasons.

3) Parties or any kind of social events with invitees that are not guests at the house are not allowed under any circumstances. Please understand that this is not a party house, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, but other tenants and neighbors have routines and your fun shouldn’t interfere with that. Breaking this rule means you will have to pay a fine and could lead to termination of the contract.

4) It is not allowed to lodge people in your room/s. If so, it should be specified in advance, there is an extra charge for extra guests and it should be informed to and approved by the host in advance. Any tenant breaking this rule must pay a fee. This is a shared house, and if everybody living there would do this, it would get pretty crowded, apart from the obvious safety and insurance reasons for this rule.

5) Trash must be taken away to the GRAY CONTAINER in front of the house. Every day. Everybody has to cooperate to keep the house clean :)

6) Smoking is not allowed in the rooms nor common areas inside the house. Only at the terrace.

7) Common areas (kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and terrace) must be kept tidy and clean, tenants are responsible for the maintenance of this area after every meal. There is general cleaning of the house once a week, but that shouldn’t keep you from cleaning right after you use any of the common areas. Please be respectful to the house, yourself, your flatmates and, last but not least, the cleaning person.

8) Tenants must respect rest and quiet time: 14 Hs to 16 Hs and after 22 Hs.

9) It is highly recommended to keep the bedrooms tidy and clean, it is not allowed to stick papers or signs on the walls under any circumstances, this will be considered property damage.

10) Please take into consideration the volume when listening to music, watching TV, movies, etc. in your bedroom. If you are bothered by somebody else’s noise, please feel free to knock on their door and kindly ask them to turn the volume down. If the issue persists, don’t hesitate to call the host. We want to assure that everybody feels welcome and comfortable during their stay at the house :)
Casa Borges is a 24/7 self-service, walk-in, walk-out concept without a receptionist or other personnel. Guests shall feel at home and inspired rather than confined in a corporate setting – it is your home away from home in BUENOS AIRES, however long your stay may be.

Casa Borges endeavors to make guests feel at home the moment they enter the HOUSE, with the ability to store belongings…
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Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo Soho is currently the trendiest neighborhood in BA!
It has lots to offer: restaurants and cafes of very diverse cuisine and prices, bars, clubs, and, of course, local design.

Weekends in the area offer the open-air markets on Plaza Serrano and Plaza Armenia. Plaza Serrano is particularly notable because the bars surrounding the square open their doors for independent vendors and designers to showcase their goods. It’s a great spot to look for funky t-shirts, dress shirts and dresses in addition to accessories and handicrafts. Nearby, Plaza Armenia has more of an artisanal focus and you’ll find similar items to those at the Hippie Fair in Plaza Francia, Recoleta. What’s even better is that surrounding both of the markets are myriad bars and restaurants, ideal for taking a break.

Palermo Soho Cafés

Once you’ve fulfilled your shopping desires there are plentiful cafés to sit at and refuel on caffeine while you admire your purchases or plan your night out. Boutique del Libro (Thames 1762) is one of the most charming café-cum-bookstores you are likely to stumble across. Sit among hip design students, order your favorite blend and browse the abundance of books, some of which are in English. The food’s decent, there’s WiFi and the indoor patio is frequently bathed in sunshine.

If you like sweet treats and cupcakes to accompany your coffee then head to Pierina Tea House (Gurruchaga 1875). The pastel-colored décor, fresh flowers and pavement tables present a cute setting for indulging on macaroons, muffins and sandwiches made using home-baked bread.

At the upper end of the price scale is Mark’s Deli & Coffee House (El Salvador 4701), a pioneer of healthy eating in Buenos Aires. It’s one of those loveable places where the clientele often battles it out with the coffee, salads and soups for being the most attractive. Stay on the healthy road at b-Blue Deli & Natural Bar (Armenia 1692), which does a great range of smoothies, juices, wraps and salads.

Meanwhile, true coffee aficionados will spin dizzy at the Colombian blends on offer at Full City Coffee House (Thames 1535), recently relocated from Chacarita to join the Palermo Soho café revolution.

Palermo Soho Restaurants

From parrillas and burger bars to fine-dining restaurants and fast food joints, Palermo Soho is swarming with dining options.

You’ll have surely been told about La Cabrera (Cabrera 5099 and 5127), a parrilla with a touch of finesse. Order an eye-popping 800g slab of juicy meat and enjoy it with an array of condiments, such as sweet potato mash and roasted garlic (dont forget chimichurri and salsa criolla!). Equally delicious yet slightly less touristy is Don Julio (Guatemala 4699), an unpretentious family-run parrilla. Enjoy top-grade cuts of bife de chorizo and bife de lomo washed down with a selection of over 150 wines. For a true porteño steakhouse experience, try Lo de Jesús (Gurruchaga 1406). Don’t expect silver service from the waiters. Instead enjoy a laidback ambience, good meat and a good wine collection.

In tune with the area’s hip attitude, in recent years there’s been an influx of restaurants that don’t just serve steak and pasta. A few blocks from Plaza Serrano is Burger Joint (Jorge Luis Borges 1766) and as its name suggests, it’s a burger bar. Think homemade burgers in sesame seed buns and topped with your choice of cheese, guacamoles, spicy sauces and salad. While you wait you can get busy and graffiti your table or chair. For no-nonsense and well-priced fast food, La Fabrica del Taco (Gorriti 5062) is perfect plus you can load up on hot sauces that are often elusive in Buenos Aires. If you like Peruvian food, there are many good restaurants that offer it in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood, we have La Mar (Arévalo 2024) and Olaya (Humboldt 1550). For Asian food, mainly Chinese, go to Barrio Chino (China Town), quite crowded on Sundays so take this into consideration before deciding when to go, if you come in February, dont miss out on the Chinese New Year Celebration.

If you like to eat bistro-style then Las Pizarras (Thames 2296) is the place to go. Take a seat and mull over the day’s specials, which blend French and Argentine influences. Expect dishes along the lines of osso bucco cannelloni or rabbit and duck confit. While in the area, don’t miss El Preferido de Palermo (Jorge Luis Borges 2108), set inside an old general store (one of my if not my favourite place in the area). Since opening in 1952 it’s stayed true to its traditions and continues to serve up hearty servings of tapas, picadas and calamari, among other things. Want good wine, cheese and bread? Then, head over to Pain et Vin (Gorriti 5132). This Argentine-Israeli venture knows how to make a sandwich. You’ll find a decent cut of bacon in your BLT and they even run the occasional wine course.

For a classic porteño style pizza, go to Kentucky (Av. Santa Fe 4202, 4602), you can eat a portion of pizza standing up like a true hectic porteño or enjoy a pizza and beer sitting down on a table.

Despite its easy-going vibe Palermo Soho also does classy. Pick of the bunch is Isabel (Uriarte 1664), a restaurant-cum-bar complete with chandeliers and art deco furnishings. Priding itself on the use of fresh ingredients, the food is really a sideline to the see-and-be-scene bar. Dress to impress and be ready to smooth talk the fashion police doormen if you want to get passed the red-velvet rope. Seafood too often plays second fiddle in Buenos Aires but, fortunately, the chefs at Crizia (Gorriti 5143) do it with pride. The moody lighting provides the perfect anticipation for tasty plates of oysters, ceviche and grilled red tuna in addition to Patagonian lamb and the standard ojo de bife.

Palermo Soho Nightlife

Palermo Soho’s nightlife centers around the bars and resto-bars scattered around Plaza Serrano. They are pretty nondescript but in the summer months the plaza is a great place to sit outside and quaff liters of ice-cold Quilmes.

Head a few blocks in either direction from Plaza Serrano and you’ll discover some great watering holes. Beer lovers will appreciate the range of bottled international beers and artisanal beers on tap at The Temple Bar (Costa Rica 4677). The pale ale, cream stout and Belgian blond lager are a refreshing change from local lagers. Antares (Armenia 1477) is another pub serving craft beers, with several locations around the city. You can even buy their beers in the supermarkets.

For something with a difference, head to The Harrison Speakeasy, a secret password-protected bar by the owners of Franks, in Palermo Hollywood. The bartenders are serious about their mixology and if hunger bites then you can get some of the city’s best sushi at the bar’s Nicky New York restaurant. All you need now is the password! Giving Harrison a run for its money in the cocktail stakes is Rey de Copas (Gorriti 5176), a bar owned by the son of late Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilaro. It’s where Argentina’s finest wines get expertly turned into tempting cocktails.

With bizarre animal portraits adorning the walls and the sounds of funk and soul in the background, The Steve Bar (El Salvador 4968) is an instantly-likeable bar. Cheap happy hour beers and cocktails by the jug guarantee a good night out. Another unpretentious spot is Esquina Libertad (cnr. Uriarte & Gorriti) especially if you like sitting on a rooftop terrace and supping cheap cocktails. For those in the mood to drink hard and fast, they even serve basic drinks by the pint.

For great cocktails, head to 878 (Thames 878) or Belushi Martini Bar (Honduras 5333) and for great cocktails with a Mad Men meets Jules Verne decor style, head to Verne Club (Av. Medrano 1475), we highly recommend the Opium Fashioned, a smoky version of a classic that takes your mind along the travellings of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout.

If you are planning on grabbing a bite, good drinks or beer and then go to the club, the Av. Coronel Niceto Vega and Humboldt St. is your place. Head to Bangalore Bar (Humboldt 1416) for great indian food and snacks; we recommend the gin and tonic jars to share or any beer they offer! Later you can head to Niceto Club (Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 5510) where you can enjoy concerts and with international bands or DJs and the best of the local scene. Next to it, you have The Roxy Live (Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 5542), for concerts, bar, and a bit of dancing to rock tunes. Some blocks away you can enjoy Roxy Club (Paraguay 4669) for DJs and partying. If you are really into electronic music, we recommend Kika (Honduras 5339), Tuesdays are their best nights! And Makena Cantina Club (Fitz Roy 1519) where depending on the day, you can enjoy gigs by local or international bands, rock tunes or funk parties! And last but not least, the new but not so new anymore La Tangente (Honduras 5317), vibrant music venue where you can enjoy drinks and also some dancing!

Palermo SoHo is also known for a great variety of small and/or independent theatres with a great offer; from stand-up, to drama, musicals, impro and more, you can look up the kind of entertainment you prefer and enjoy the theatres the neighborhood has to offer.

Palermo Soho is currently the trendiest neighborhood in BA!
It has lots to offer: restaurants and cafes of very diverse cuisine and prices, bars, clubs, and, of course, local design.

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