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Living area Kiltannon Lodge
Living area Kiltannon Lodge
  • Kiltannon Lodge nestled under a great holm oak tree
  • Living area Kiltannon Lodge
  • Victorian fireplace surrounds a wood burning stove .
  • Living room with wood burning stove on
  • Relax and enjoy a glass of good wine in Kiltannon Lodge .
  • The Lodge Kiltanon House Tulla.
  • Breakfast area with fully fitted kitchen with all cooking facilities .
  • Leaving upstairs going down to living / kitchen area
  • Horses graze within 50 feet of the Lodge .
  • Part of the grounds around Kiltannon lodge
  • Jockeys riding out at early morning work .
  • The stables recently converted to sleep two people also available to book on Airbnb.
  • Another view of Kiltannon lodge .
  • Grounds around Kiltannon Lodge and stables .
  • Geraniums in bloom
  • Time and space to relax at Kiltannon .
  • Grounds around Kiltannon lodge .
  • Table and chairs for early morning coffee
  • The Lodge Kiltanon House Tulla.
  • Bathroom  with power shower Kiltannon Lodge .
  • Showing part of the bedroom in Kiltannon Lodge with a 5 ft double bed
  • The Lodge Kiltanon House Tulla.
  • The Lodge Kiltanon House Tulla.
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Living area Kiltannon Lodge