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  • The two big roof windows fill the living room with lots of light all day long.
  • The view from the dining room.
  • .
  • The living room with the bedroom at the back.
  • The view from the sofa. It's very cozy!
  • Your home in Bairro Alto
  • The living room with amazonian art on the walls.
  • Your home in Bairro Alto
  • The bookcase has loads of books and DVDs for you to borrow, including guidebooks and dictionaries.
  • The front door viewed from the dining room.
  • Mostly English books but some Portuguese as well. And a few Portuguese books in English...
  • Your home in Bairro Alto
  • Clothes horse in the storeroom
  • The double bed can be separated into two singles, just let us know.
  • The chaise longue in the bedroom is perfect for an afternoon nap.
  • Your home in Bairro Alto
  • The bedroom has three large windows, so lots of light, as well as lots of space.
  • The bathroom also has lots of light all day from a roof window.
  • Remember to look at the clouds through the roof window while enjoying your rain shower.
  • Fully equipped kitchen - fridge, dishwasher, oven, vitroceramic hob, toaster, kettle...
  • and again lots of light
  • Kitchen with the dining room at the back.
  • The old mailboxes in the building.
  • The entrance to the building has some lovely old tiles, which I believe are Viuva Lamego.
  • The nearest 28 tram stop is one minute from the apartment, and so is the Bica funicular.
  • The lovely Rua da Bica nearby has interesting bars and restaurants and a funicular that takes you down to the river front.
  • The Santa Catarina view point, two minutes away, has two lovely cafes/restaurants  and great river views.
  • The main square in the area, Praça Camões, is just around the corner. Note the amazing traditional pavement.
  • A nearby street on the busy side of Bairro Alto with some Fado bars. We are on the quiet, more residential side, a few streets away.
  • Your home in Bairro Alto
  • Great views of the Castle from Sao Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint  nearby. Particularly nice for a coffee in the morning light as it faces East.
  • The beautiful Sao Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint  is five minutes away.
  • Lovely afternoon light on a lovely building nearby. We like to go out to photograph the neighbourhood in the late afternoon and evening light.
  • The nearest 28 tram stop is one minute from the flat. And here it is in action in the beautiful golden evening light.
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