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View from entryway!
View from entryway!
  • House sits upon WWII Liberty Ship mast.
  • Front door entryway!
  • View from entryway!
  • Entryway!
  • Overhead view of ship's mast at entryway!
  • The ship's mast runs the full elevation of the house. In this photo the stairwell circles around it.
  • Upper level living area!
  • Saul Zaik Treehouse!
  • View from living room!
  • Night time view!
  • Entryway Garden!
  • Entryway garden!
  • View from underneath the house!
  • View from guest bed!
  • Sunrise captured from guest bed!
  • Guest bedroom mini deck!
  • Guest bedroom!
  • Guest bedroom receives lots of sunlight!
  • Queen size guest bed!
  • Guest bathroom only accessible through bedroom insuring complete privacy.
  • Guest bathroom complete with soap, shampoo, hair dryer, bath sheets, and large 50” countertop to spread ones toiletries upon.
  • Guest shower!
  • Guest suite sitting room!
  • Guest sitting room designed for lounging with comfy long couch and table/bench for resting one's feet or coffee upon!
  • Guest suite sitting room!
  • The upper level is at grade with the street and one descends to the lower level via this staircase.
  • Bukowski!
  • Bukowski takes in the view!
  • Mt St Helens!
  • Local fauna!
  • Nighttime view!
  • It's a terrific spot for storm watching!
  • I'm not leaving the house!
  • Saul Zaik Treehouse!
  • Saul Zaik Treehouse!
  • Guest bedroom.
  • Saul Zaik Treehouse!
  • Guest bedroom.
  • Saul Zaik Treehouse!
  • Saul Zaik Treehouse!
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View from entryway!