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Necerita's BnB Tropical Retreat

4,87(194 hodnocení)SuperhostitelPuerto Galera, Filipíny
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Necerita's BnB Tropical Retreat is a unique eco-tourist homestay destination in PG. Our 5400 sq. meter landscaped tropical paradise is a secluded jungle hideaway set amongst the 2.2 hectare family property. The spacious and charming self-contained upstairs suite and Treehouse enjoy panoramic vistas of the surrounding jungle and the South China Sea beyond. We are 5 min. by road to White Beach or it is an easy 25 min. jungle walk away. Escape, relax, and enjoy the tranquilty of our tropic retreat.

... At Necerita's BnB Tropical Retreat we offer you a natural Filipino setting and experience that is tranquil, serene and above all memorable. The natural beauty of the jungle, along with the meticulously landscaped botanical gardens, paths, enclosures and ponds on the property, as well as the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding jungle and the South China Sea and beyond, make our property and location wonderfully unique....Necerita's BnB Tropical Retreat is located 1km up the Ponderosa road adjacent to Villa Malasimbo. We are approximately 5 minutes by road to White Beach and Puerto Galera is approximately 15 minutes away by road.....To save any confusion, we wish to let you know that once you have made your booking, regardless if you are one guest or twelve guests, the site is then closed for any other persons wishing to make another booking during that same time period that you have chosen to stay..It is IMPORTANT to note that our homestay would not be suitable for people who have difficulty walking. The pathway from the road down to our house is approximately 225 meters in distance. It is a bit steep in In parts and handrails and steps have been constructed for your comfort and convenience. Our grandkids as well as the boys from the road will happily assist you in transporting your luggage down to the house when you arrive and then again when you leave us. At night flashlights are needed and we do provide them for you.....The SPACE....The three floored modern concrete and native styled house was originally constructed in 2005. Upstairs the huge spacious apartment suite takes up the entire top floor of the house and has high lofted ceilings made of sawali and tangeli hardwood floors. In the secluded bedroom near the upstairs entrance there is a queen sized bed. The suite can also accommodate two more people on another double bed located around the corner on the far side of the living room. There is a moveable privacy partition located there also. There are also two additional double bed floor mattress and two single bed mattresses available if needed. Another privacy partition is available if wanted. There are plenty of cupboards and storage spaces for you to use for your belongings and there are closests with hangars and we have extra comforters for you to use if you so wish... The large bathroom contains a toilet and sink and table and a shower with hot and cold running water. Soap and towels are provided. It has two entrances = one to each sleeping area.... The living room area is open and spacious with over 100 glass paned windows all around... There is also a small native hammock in the suite...There is a big terraced balcony with magnificent views overlooking the jungle below and the South China Sea beyond... The kitchen is fully equipped with a two burner gas stove, a fridge/freezer, a coffee maker, a toaster oven, kettle and a rice cooker and all cooking and eating utensils. The kitchen sink, washing up and prep area are situated on the terrace. There are 2 dining tables available - one big one inside that seats 6 to 8 persons and another on the terrace that seats 4 persons....There is also an outdoor cooking area (bbq) downstairs that the family use for cooking and that you are welcome to enjoy and make use of....Free breakfasts (eggs, toast, butter and jam, Batangas coffee, tea with milk and sugar plus condiments) are also included during your stay. We also supply free bottled water... We are connected to Wifi and you have free usage. Our new connection is very good and we have our own antennae . You can also buy locally a sim card for 50 pesos = 1 U.S. dollar and data load for your iphones for 85 pesos for 2 days. This will give you the best connection... We do a general housekeeping cleanup of the upstairs and Treehouse each day. Beds are made daily and linen is changed every 3rd day. Towels are changed every third day or every other day if needed by you...
There is a separate house built within a 75 year old mango tree with a double bed that can accommodate two additional people. It is connected to the main house by a safe and secure swinging rope bridge. We call it the Treehouse and it is equipped with indoor and outdoor lighting and a fan. There are 5 windows that can be opened and closed. A small table with chairs can be put on the lower deck if asked...There is a very large additional bathroom with toilet and shower (cold water only) on the main floor that is made available for your use when your group consits of many guests and for those in your group who wish to use the treehouse. There are fans for the upstairs and an automated cooling system is avaiable for upstairs also and there is a fan for the tree house and there are fans on the main floor. The upstairs suite is very airy with sliding and folding doors and folding windows. Being situated at a higher elevation we enjoy a steady flow of the cooler winds and breezes...All beds can be, and are, equipped with mosquito/ insect nets ( mosquitoes are not a health problem here and they are rarely seen )...On the main floor there is a television hooked up to a satellite dish that you are welcome to watch and enjoy.... We have moveable music speakers that you can connect to if you wish to... In case of a power outage (brownout) we have a new backup generator that can be put into use. Brownouts are a rare occurence but when they do occur they can, and do, affect the entire Ponderosa , White Beach and Puerto Galera areas. They usually are short lived..... It is important to note that children 4yrs of age and younger stay for free. Children 5 yrs to 7 years of age stay for 1 / 2 price. For example, if there is 1 child only between 5 and 7 years of age do not include them in the booking and you can just pay us the 1 / 2 price in cash when you arrive. If there are 2 children between the ages of 5 yrs to 7 years then when making your booking do so for only 1 extra person. Just do the math thanks....Check out time is stipulated as 12 (noon). If there are no guests arriving on the day that you are checking out, then you are more than welcome to checkout at a later time. Likewise, if you happen to arrive before 12 (noon) and we have guests leaving that day, then you are more than welcome to leave your bags on the mainfloor and relax and enjoy a beverage and socialize with us and/or explore the property. When the guests do check out we will then have you wait a little longer while we do a thorough cleanup of your accommodation. Maraming Salamat

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.....We the owners, live on the lower two floors. The main (middle) floor is an open living space that guests are welcome to enjoy. There is a secluded bedroom on the main floor that Necerita and Rod use. There are three rooms on the lower floor that the family = grandkids use for sleeping and storage and this is where the washing of clothes and linens takes place. The property is over 5300 square meters in size with paths and walkways present throughout the beautifully landscaped botanic gardens. These gardens are home to many varied kinds of flora, for eg....birds of paradise flowers, orchids, frangepannis, roses, bouganvillias, hibiscus, goomamellas along with many other local Filipino plants and flowers and ferns. There are 100 year-old mango trees and huge buri trees along with coco and other assorted palms scattered throughout the property. A small mahogany forest borders along the bottom of our property. We also have a 700 square meter banana plantation and there are also many banana trees,papayas, casaba, kalamansi, guavas, jack fruit trees, guyabano trees, large gabi plants and pineapples along with huge stands of bamboo growing on the property too....Necerita has also spent a lot of time and hard work creating her own large native vegetable garden consisting of okra, beans, chile, eggplant, corn, squash, etc., of which she is very proud ...Also there are 3 ponds on our property. One small tropical fish pond and two large lily ponds that house tilapia fish, frogs, lizards, turtles and one large crocodile fish = giant gar fish... There are many varities of gekkos on the property too...In the evening you can experience the joy of watching the magic of fireflies flickering and dancing in the night sky ... The property is home to varied species of native birds also with some nesting in the eves...We have also built a small guest house incorpoated in one of the reptile enclosures that is maintained for our visiting family members...Necerita also raises a few native chickens which are housed in another reptile enclosue... There are often a family of goats feeding on the family property as you will see on your walk down from the main road to our property....Guests are encouraged to wander and enjoy the surroundings... In the evenings it is a treat to simply stargazer and enjoy the natural sounds of the jungle....

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.... The entire family property is over 2.2 hectares in size,of which Necerita owns over 5000 sq meters. The property has been in the family name for over 4 generations. In 2005 the family made the decision to lease the entire jungle property out to a conglomerate = Herpa World Corp. for 25 years. This group had grand plans of creating a reptile zoo, which they did do. They proceeded to spend a vast sum of money building a house/restaurant which we now call home and Necerita's bnb Tropical Retreat. They constructed an enormous breeding house along with many reptile enclosures. They also built many ponds . All of which are connected by pathways flanked by manicured tropical gardens and jungle. They built the treehouse also with plans of adding more treehouses. After the 4th year they stopped payment of the agreed upon yearly rent to the family. They continued to operate for a further year without paying this rent. As stipulated in the lease agreement, if rental payment was not paid to the family for more than 12 months the family had the right to terminate the lease. Therefore we did so and they were obliged to leave. Which they then did. They removed ALL of the reptiles to other Zoos and establishments in the Philippines. They left all of the structures standing. The reason that they stopped paying the family members the annual rent was that sadly for them their enterprise had gone bankrupt. " Build it and they will come.." Sadly for them...not. We then proceeded to move back onto the propery and created our own paradise. In July 2015 we created and incorporated Necerita's bnb Tropical Retreat. The rest is now history.....There are two neighbors to us, our friend Gulal, a Dutchman, who has created his own 500 sq. meter piece of paradise. He happily invites our guests to come visit and enjoy a beverage. Also there is Renalte, Necerita's nephew, who resides with his family on 2200 sq. meters of land located above our property. The remainder of the family property lies vacant. The adjoining jungle properties are vast and inhabited by small groups of local indigenous Mangyans..... We also have 2 cats = Betty and Boop and our well behaved smallish watchdog, Spot and Cotton our 6 month old puppy, as a part of our family. Other points worth mentioning are, the spectacular sunsets and distant cloud to cloud lightning storms that can often be viewed from the balcony terrace and the tree house. There are also various types of butterflies, dragonflies and many varied types of birds that can be viewed on the property. There are also turtles and tilapia fish and coy fish and a giant crocodile gar fish in the ponds and many gekkos and frogs and the occasional monitor lizard and monkey to be seen. In the evening one can enjoy the sights of bats swooping about in the distance and of fire flies that dance and flicker about in the night air... At Necerita's BnB Tropical Retreat one can simply enjoy one's own space and solitude in the enchanting surrounds of the jungle...
Necerita's BnB Tropical Retreat is a unique eco-tourist homestay destination in PG. Our 5400 sq. meter landscaped tropical paradise is a secluded jungle hideaway set amongst the 2.2 hectare family property. The spacious and charming self-contained upstairs suite and Treehouse enjoy panoramic vistas of the surrounding jungle and the South China Sea beyond. We are 5 min. by road to White Beach or it is an easy 25 min.… zjisti více

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Puerto Galera, Filipíny

.....Puerto Galera is the perfect destination for travelers looking for relaxation and comfort, or, travelers looking for adventure. Puerto Galera is on the list of 44 bays in the world as one of the 10 most beautiful! Diving, snorkeling, sailing, island hopping, jungle trekking, jet skiing, golfing, tennis and kayaking are among some of the many activities you can do and enjoy in Puerto Galera.... The Ponderosa road is dotted with local Filipino settlements and foreign properties culminating after 3 km at the Ponderosa golf club... We are located half way up the Ponderosa road opposite villa Malisimbo and are approximately 200 meters above sea level. Our residence is approximately 225 meters by pathway from the main road. White Beach is approximately 5 minutes away by local transport. Puerto Galera is approximately 15 minutes away by local transport and Sabang is approximately 25 minutes away by local transport.... For grocery shopping, there is the Parkway supermarket in White Beach and two supermarkets in Puerto Galera, the Parkway supermarket and the bigger supermarket, Candava. There is a deli in White Beach and another in Puerto Galera that sell assorted European cheeses and meats....We get our breads from the Swiss bakery....Local fresh fruit and vegetables shops are dotted about besides there being the larger market in Puerto Galera....There is a small store located on the Ponderosa road near the top of our driveway that sells cigs and alcohol and soft drinks and snack foods...There is fresh seafood for sale in White Beach and Puerto Galera and at Balatero ....We can also advise you of good local eating establishments and music venues in White Beach, Puerto Galera , Sabang etc...There are medical clinics and pharmacies located in White Beach and Puerto Galera and Sabang. There is a General Hospital in Puerto Galera and a smaller clinic.... The PNB Bank and its ATM are situated in Puerto Galera. ( unfortunately the only international bank is the PNB and it's ATM machines do not accept international Mastercard debit/credit cards. They do accept international Visa debit/credit cards however. Therefore if you use only Mastercard then best to do your transactions before arriving in Puerto Galera or you can travel 50km to Calapan City and axcess the many banks available there whose ATM machines will accept your Mastercard)....For changing money, the Candava supermarket offers very good rates.....A very small community church has just been built on the Ponderosa road across from the entrance to the family property. It holds a service every Sunday at 6:30 am....Visa extensions are easily obtained from the Philippine imigration office here in Puerto Galera.....We do have the local knowledge and experience and are more than happy to advise you on and answer any questions and queries that you may have regarding just about anything and everything concerning Puerto Galera and the surrounds during your stay....We have also compiled and put together a comprehensive information brochure ,including locally drawn maps by Rod, for you that will be of assistance....We wish that you please make yourselves at home and that you enjoy your stay with us.
.....Puerto Galera is the perfect destination for travelers looking for relaxation and comfort, or, travelers looking for adventure. Puerto Galera is on the list of 44 bays in the world as one of the 10 most b…

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Necerita and I live in a beautiful part of the Philippines. I am originally from Victoria, BC, Canada, and have spent a lot of time travelling and working in Perth, Australia. Necerita has lived all her life in this region. We spend our time enjoying our grandchildren, looking after the property and having fun.
Necerita and I live in a beautiful part of the Philippines. I am originally from Victoria, BC, Canada, and have spent a lot of time travelling and working in Perth, Australia. Nece…
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....We, the family, very much enjoy having you and entertaining you as our company and guests....While we do and are very happy to respect the privacy of our guests, we are always available to help out whenever guests have concerns or questions....Rod is more than happy to join and help guide you in activities and on excursions if you so wish.... Necerita was born on the property in the family's small native coogan grass and buri palm house 61 years ago. She was raised on the Ponderosa and has lived in the Puerto Galera area all of her life. I was forunate enough to meet and fall in love with her when I came to visit an old friend who was living on his boat in the beautiful bay of Puerto Galera in 2005. Necerita was the beautiful boatgirl.....We were married on February 15th 2018 and our love continues to blossom. Our beloved grandchildren stay with us and are an integral part of the Airbnb. They assist in the cleaning and washing and serving as well as helping in the kitchen and acting as guides and porters. They are a joy! Linda is our number one cleaner and Necerita's number one helper around the property. She is a big part of our family and of Necerita's BnB Tropical Retreat..... We like to think that Necerita's Bed and Breakfast Tropical Retreat has much to offer for our guests..... Firstly, the upstairs living area and balcony are a perfect place for you to relax and do yoga. On advice from guests we have recently purchased some yoga mats for you to use. There is also a yoga instuctor in town that we can happily refer you to. Her name is Rosalinda and she will happily visit the house and do a private 90 minute class for you....Also we can gladly organize outings such as a jungle walk from our property to a local waterfall=Aninuan falls and continuing river walk down to Aninuan beach or road trips to view other waterfalls = Tamaraw and Tokaran falls and Talipanan falls and we can organize a jungle trek up the mountain to the Mangyan village at Baclayan and subsequent swim at a tropical swimming pool. The views on this walk are amazing. You can also take an easy 25 minute jungle path walk from our property through a Mangyan village down to White Beach. Either Rod or one of the grandkids will be able to help guide you on your first trek. Walking sticks are provided for your convenience if you wish...Also from our property there is an easy jungle walk to a secluded flowing river with a waterfall and natural pool. It is less than a 15 minute walk and it is quite something. You can also continue to explore on a river walk through the jungle....Other activities that we can help organize for you include snorkeling trips, scuba diving , picnics, fishing trips, tennis (we have extra rackets and balls and Rod is a member of the Moorings tennis club located behind the yacht club), also sailing (the Puerto Galera yacht club offers sailing), and zip lining and golfing up on the Ponderosa course etc. etc.... The Ponderosa golf course is a cute and memorable jungle course which sits at the top of the Ponderosa road and where one can marvel over panoramic vistas of Puerto Galera Bay and the surrounding landscape and of Verde Island and beyond to Batangas and the big island of Luzon. One can sit and enjoy a beverage and a light snack at the clubhouse. We are one and one halk kilometer away by road and a visit to view is highly recommended.....There is also a local clay/dirt basketball court with night lights located just down the road from the entrance to the family property which you can enjoy by using or by simply watching the local men and boys play. Filipinos love their basketball. We do have a basketball and you are welcome to join in with the local Filipinos for a game if you wish..... We can also arrange for you an in house massage service. Necerita's long time friend, Tasing, is a well qualified masseuse and she will happily come visit on your request. For a 1 hour massage she will ask 500 pesos. She also will do manicures and pedicures at 100 pesos for each of those services.... We also have art supplies which include watercolur paints/watercolour pencils and oil pastels and art paper that are available for you to use and enjoy.....Also we have binoculars available for your use for bird watching and to also zoom in on the many various ships that are cruising through Verde passage....We have games and cards available including Yhatzee, crib and chess......We also have a small library of paperbacks including Lonely Planet guide books on S.E. Asia and the Philippines and a Tagalog/English dictionary for your enjoyment and learning interest..... We can arrange bancas = outriggers for snorkelling the reef and other activities. We can freely supply you with our own masks and snorkels and fins. We can also arrange at the same time, if desired, a beach picnic on a secluded beach. Rod is happy to join in and guide also....We can arrange other services for our guests including meals. Dinners and BBQs can be arranged [ Necerita has a varied western and filipino menu set up for you which includes main meals and light snacks} and she is a wonderful cook. Guests are more than welcome to use our outdoor BBQ area for their cooking too. Fallen coconuts are freely available for your drinking and eating..... Bedding, linens and towels are changed regularly and if you wish we can arrange for your personal laundering to be taken care of for a very reasonable price = we have an in house laundry service.... We can recommend and introduce you to a highly reputable Dive outfits in Muelle and Sabang...We have a new 125cc automatic Suzuki Sky Drive motorbike for hire at 500 pesos a day and we can arrange for others to be hired. Note: You are not required to have a motorbike license here in Puerto Galera, your personal drivers license from your home country is sufficient. We have our own lockup garage for motorbikes up on the road. If it is not wet then you can bring your motorbikes down to the house if you wish...Your own vehicle can be parked safely at the top of our driveway on the road.... Adan = Necerita's grandson, is a tour guide and can also organize the hiring of a multicab for transport to the different waterfalls and other popular sites. Necerita's son Dhags is also our tour guide and will accompany you on picnics and excursions too. Picnics can always be included, and packaged deals are available at a very reasonable price. ( our low prices are comparably lower than the locally asked prices for similar services)....Junior, Necerita's brother, also has his own tricycle service located on the Ponderosa road right near our driveway. He is available for local transport and package deal guided tours for our guests. His prices are lower than the other tricycle services and he is very dependable. Other tricycles can also be hired if needed. They are also located on the Ponderosa road and owned and driven by Necerita's relatives. Again their prices are similar to Juniors and again they are very reliable. We also have a yellow 8 to 10 seater van available on the road for you to hire. This van is owned by Necerita's nephew Nato. He will transport you to White Beach or Balatero pier or Muelle or Sabang or on tours to Tamaraw falls etc. His prices are very reasonable and lower then you would pay locally...Also for guests with children we can organize a nanny/babysitter service when required..... In conclusion, we wish for your stay to be both enjoyable and memorable and we strive to help ensure this by giving you the best in services that we can offer. You are our valued guests.
....We, the family, very much enjoy having you and entertaining you as our company and guests....While we do and are very happy to respect the privacy of our guests, we are always…
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