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Top recommendations from locals

“Great central gallery, can get around in a couple of hours - close to the park and city shops”
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Obchod s dárkovými předměty
“Lovely zoo with animals in (mainly ) large well designed enclosure - 25 min drive ”
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Botanical Garden
“Take the train to New market and explore the Newmarket city with the new Westfield just opened and visit the Museum plenty of shops and eateries to try.”
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Krásná vyhlídka
“Enjoy 360 views of Auckland and lots of things to see and do. Go on a clear day to see Auckland at its best.”
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Botanical Garden
“Because it will show some Maori and pacific Isalnd Culture History of the early settlers in NZ”
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Nákupní centrum
“For the uninitiated, Ponsonby Central looks like the façade of a homeware store and a soulful restaurant with outdoor dining along a deck of plush pillowed chairs. What you’ll also notice, if you find yourself walking within 100 meters of this place, is a distinct fusion of pleasant aromas beating their way down the sidewalk. The entrance off Ponsonby Road, leads the hungry into a cavern of food stalls where one can witness meat roasting over hot coals, busy Asian men rolling Sushi and fresh fruit being crushed to a pulp for your sipping pleasure. This place is a hive. It doesn’t look like much from the street, but once inside you’ll be surprised how far this monolith stretches back into the inner catacombs. There are a tonne of fresh and hip eateries and cafés hidden within, that tantalise with their extensive menus. Whether you’re in the mood for late night cocktails and shots or roasting pork fresh off the spit, cream filled crêpes or a burger fresh off the grill, a soothing shot of coffee or something a little more organic, then Ponsonby Central can accommodate your needs.”
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“Lovely parkland, botanical and New Zealand cultural destination, entry to War Memorial Museum by donation. ”
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Rychlé občerstvení
“Less than five minutes up the road. It's a beautiful location to relax, exercise, eat, look at the animals or catch a 360 view of the city. There's a playground for the kids, Stardome Observatory, BBQ area (gas or woodfire), cafes and plenty of space to walk and enjoy.”
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Nákupní centrum
“Looking to shop? Try visiting Sylvia Park, its slightly further than the closer mall option, but MUCH nicer! fantastic new food outlets, bars, pubs, shops, hair dressers and more. About 20 minute drive on the motorway, give or take a few again traffic dependent.”
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“If you like trees, open parkland, and sweeping views, this is for you. Bring a picnic, and if you feel lively, climb the iconic One Tree Hill in the neighbouring park to wear it off, and enjoy the great, two-harbour view from the top. 30 minutes drive.”
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Dentist's Office
“Mission Bay is one of the best places in Auckland to visit as it has so many things for you to do! Whether you want to eat, drink, play, swim or shop, you’ll find something at Mission Bay.”
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“what a place for a drink and walk. That is the place in town for me that represents Auckland the most. ”
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“Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium is a public aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand that was opened in 1985. Located at 23 Tamaki Drive, it was the brainchild of New Zealand marine archaeologist and diver Kelly Tarlton. ”
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Natural Feature
“Take a ferry ride to Waiheke Island and explore the vineyards, many beaches or walking tracks available. Nice for a day trip out.”
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Natural Feature
“If you're a visitor or local, Rangitoto is a must. Take the ferry from Devonport, walk to the summit then take swim at the beach before the ferry home.”
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“The Museum of Transport and Technology is a science and technology museum located in Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand. It is located close to the Western Springs Stadium, Auckland Zoo and the Western Springs Park. ”
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