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“One of the most important (if not the most important) coffee bars in the city. ”
  • Doporučuje 208 místních
“Situated in an old theater, El Ateneo is one of the most popular bookstores in Buenos Aires. Even if you don't read you need to check this place out! It is an incredible spot with such grand splendor!”
  • Doporučuje 187 místních
Obchod s oblečením
“Shopping Mall, were you can buy cloths, books, eat in different restaurants and watch movies. ”
  • Doporučuje 101 místních
“So far is our best and traditional coffee store in Buenos Aires the best "Medialunas" (porteño croissant) in town”
  • Doporučuje 68 místních
Nákupní centrum
“Shopping más cercano, con cines y patio de comidas. / Closest Mall, with Cinema and Food Court. ”
  • Doporučuje 30 místních
Tech Startup
“This is definitely a 'mus't for vegan and/or raw food fans! A wonderful variety of food options and non dairy sweets. It also has a small grocery area at the site.”
  • Doporučuje 29 místních
“This place has awesome traditional and homemade beer. Their french fries with cheddar are also amazing. It gets crowded on week-ends!”
  • Doporučuje 31 místních
Nábytek / domácí potřeby
“Has lots of boutique interior design shops, and some lovely restaurants on the terrace with amazing views onto the park.”
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Nákupní centra

Nákupní centrum
“Main shopping center in the neighborhood. It offers a wide range of shops, even travel agencies to purchase plane tickets or bus tickets to local towns. The green subway line 'D' has its entrance right in front of the mall.”
  • Doporučuje 278 místních
Nákupní centrum
“This is a very interesting shopping mall. Modeled after the great Italian arcade Gallerias Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, the building was commissioned exclusively for Le Bon Marche. It was originally constructed in the 1890’s as the Buenos Aires headquarters for the Parisian department store. The mall is inside a lovely Beaux Arts building in downtown Buenos Aires.”
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Nákupní centrum
“The Abasto Shopping is one of the biggest shopping mall centers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The building was the central wholesale fruit and vegetable market in the city ("Mercado de Abasto") from 1893 to 1984. Since 1999, it has served as a shopping mall. It is also famous for being in the area where the tango singer Carlos Gardel, known as El Morocho del Abasto ("the dark-haired guy from Abasto"), lived for most of his life. Today, the surrounding area, though part of the Balvanera neighbourhood, is sometimes referred to as Abasto.”
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Nákupní centrum
“All the main brands in the same place, with outdoor coffee shops and restaurants where to nibble something. ”
  • Doporučuje 107 místních
Nákupní centrum
“This is a very classy high end shopping mall. Good food court - great atmosphere and service. Nice shops and movie theaters.”
  • Doporučuje 118 místních
Nákupní centrum
“You can go to the cinema, to eat or to buy some clothing here. Vicente López 2050 0.3 miles away - 7 minutes walk Open 10 -22hs”
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Nákupní centrum
“You can go to the cinema, to eat or to buy some clothing here. 3 km away - 7 minutes by car Jerónimo Salguero 3172 Open from 10 -21hs”
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Flea Market
“Great spot to walk and wander by the water at Tigre at the Parana delta. Check out the puerto de frutos with its many different little shops and museums to see. You can also visit Museo Naval and Museo de Arte. On Sundays the place is bustling with families as there are many different activities to do such as canoeing and rowing as well as just wandering an enjoying the walk by the river. You can also enjoy coffee at Villa Julia, a Victorian hotel/coffee shop, reminiscent of Europe. Tigre is definitely a spot for an all-day outing.”
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Flea Market
“You can find in these market some great coffee shops, meat, and amazing fresh produce!”
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Flea Market
“Every Sunday the market starts here, and you can buy some of the best local artesanal arts”
  • Doporučuje 55 místních
Flea Market
“Picturesque art nouveau mercado in San Telmo, great for grocery and antiques shopping or a light lunch”
  • Doporučuje 21 místních
“is a historic gastronomic market (since 1889) located in the heart of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito, Buenos Aires - Argentina. It is one of the few surviving markets in Buenos Aires that maintain the function since its origins more than a hundred years ago”
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Flea Market
“San Telmo is a wonderful neighborhood to visit. The streets are filled with restaurants, cafes, beautiful old buildings and all kinds of shops. You can start at the Mercado and walk around. On Sundays, there is a street fair on Defensa street with tons of local artisans.”
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“Emblemático mercado en el corazón de Belgrano. Cuenta con una gran oferta gastronómica (Pastas, Carnes, Embutidos, Vinos) como así también excelentes lugares para hacer sus compras diarias. No duden en visitarlo”
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“Supermercado. Además hay otro de la misma cadena en AV. Quintana, aun mas cerca del departamento.”
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Rybí trh
“Much assortment of fresh, frozen and cooked seafood. Very good service. One of the finest fish markets in the city.”
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