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“Go Wild at Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto ! The best party on a Sunday in Toronto is definitely at Cabana which offers a pool bar, billiards, its own kitchen and lots of hearty people.”
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“EVERY SATURDAY IS A REVOLUTION Unparalleled artistry, theatrical lighting, video production and experiential storytelling transport you to an extraordinary, multi-dimensional universe that evolves throughout the night. 45,000 square feet of striking design and unexpected wonder combine with powerful sound, immersive light, sensual forms and tactile details to delight and astound at every turn. With breathtaking views of the city skyline, waterfront and the dramatic 65-foot stage, wherever you are is right where you want to be. ”
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“Great view of the Toronto skyline from the end of Polson Pier. I recommend taking an Uber or renting bikes to get here. Excellent views around sunset time. ”
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“This is one of the best spots in Toronto to get a great photo of the entire Toronto skyline. You can get right up to the water and see a full panorama shot of the downtown core. It's wise to go in the morning, so the sun is low on the horizon (less shadows on your face)........or at sunset when the sun backlights all the building. ”
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“In the mood to party.Many of the worlds greatest Electric Music Dj's perform here. If afternoon party is more your style, you must check out the Cabana pool bar located on the grounds. ”
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Point of Interest
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“VSVSVS is a gallery in Toronto that doesn't rely on foot traffic or a board of directors to get things done. Instead it's an artist collective in the old school sense.”
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