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Parky a příroda v destinaci Costa del Sol

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“This park is a lovely tropical garden both for children and adults. Unique the cactur garden, cactuse from all over the world, the see, the park to leaisure the animals, which free live in the park are very fantastic program. ”
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“Large public park with a crystal clear blue boating lake, a children's playground, a cushioned running track, free exercise machines, an observation tower, several war time cannons and caverns as well as a wide variety of tropical plants. ”
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Zoo Exhibit
“Benalmadena/Torremolinos area is the Crocodile Park. If you’ve got kids and are looking for a fun day out, you’ll definitely want to add this one to your to-do list!”
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Botanical Garden
“A short walk from the seafront. It is the largest Orchid house in all Europe. A beautiful visit to over 8,000 different species have been cultivated in the Municipal Greenhouses.”
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“Los parques de La Alameda y La Constitución son los pulmones de Marbella, donde la ciudad coge oxígeno y respira la tranquilidad del aroma de sus flores. Un abundante amalgama de especies vegetales, entre fuentes, paseos y bancos para disfrutar de la sombra y el fresco, donde el tiempo se para con un libro en la mano. ”
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“The Artola Dunes were declared a Natural Monument in 2003 because of their significant natural value with an intact ecosystem and varied biodiversity. This dune environment is 20,000 m² and even today testifies to how the natural coastline of Marbella looked not many years ago. This privileged region has three types of dunes. At the beachfront the dunes are mobile and because of their rippled surfaces can easily be spotted. The second line forms a natural barrier with inactive but mobile dunes, covered with shrub vegetation and by indigenous flora of great interest. Farthest from the sea are inactive, fossil dunes, with a narrow band of dense Stone Pine (Pinus pinea) as well as common shrubs such as Juniper (Juniperus sabina supsc. turbinata), Mastic (Pistacia lentiscus) and wild Olive tree (Olea europaea), typical species in the Mediterranean area which provide shelter and food for birds and small animals as well as for the typical Mediterranean scrub. The interesting dune vegetation includes specific dune species such as European Beachgrass (Ammophilia arenaria) and Sea Holly (Eryngium maritimum). There are clumps of Bitter Chamomile (Helichrysum stoechas) and a myriad of wild flora which varies from season to season. The Sea Daffodil (Pancratium maritimum) blooms in all its glory between the most dry months: July and September. Pedestrian walkways guarantee the total protection of the area, protecting it from constant trampling by members of the public thus allowing the natural development of the native flora. The tower known as La Torre de los Ladrones at the edge of Cabopino Harbour is 16 m high and was formally used as a military watchtower. Its origin seems to date back to Roman times and it was rebuilt over the centuries by both Arabs and Christians. This beacon has been declared of Cultural Interest and is kept in good condition.”
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“This is the nearest national park just 15 minutes drive away near Estepona.”
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“El Parque Pinar de Nagüeles se encuentra en la urbanización Sierra Blanca de Marbella, en la zona conocida como Nagüeles. Es un sitio perfecto para pasar un día en contacto con la naturaleza con toda tu familia: aquí encuentras barbacoas, mesas y todo lo que necesitas para tu picnic. Hay también dos bares, además de servicios públicos y aparcamiento. Desde el centro de Marbella puedes llegar en coche muy rápidamente, o bien venir con el transporte público, la L-7 no deja muy lejos del parque. ”
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“CostaJump is the first indoor trampoline park on the Costa del Sol. It's a massive indoor arena filled with wall to wall trampolines, great for parties, groups and celebrations. For young children from 6 years of age and also for those that are big kids at heart, this is fun for the whole family.”
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“The Puerto Deportivo in Marbella is a great place to go with the family or for a good night out with friends. There are many restaurants and bars as well as a children's playground and lots to do. Whether you choose to pop to the Marina during the day and watch the yachts pull in and out of port while snacking on some tapas and a small beer or fancy a great night out with friends and head to one of the many bars and restaurants offering great food and a fantastic view there's lots to do in the Puerto Deportivo. In the centre of Marbella, you can find many parking spaces nearby if you are heading there in the day and at night it is easy to find a taxi. Just a way along you will also find horse and carriage rides which take you on a tour of the town. ”
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“Precioso parque ubicado en la Milla de Oro marbellí, donde disfrutar de un precioso atardecer”
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“Puerto Banus, the port where opulence and normality collide. Walk along the port and admire the fabulous boats docked for the day, take a catamaran trip to nearby Marbella, browse the designer stores or simply relax in the many bars and restaurants along the port. Puetro Banus is renowned for its expensive boats and boutiques as well as it's glitzy night life. Something to suit everyone's needs. ”
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“One of the best Beaches in Costa Del Sol. This is where we go when we want to enjoy beach and sun.”
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“Authentic Spannish fisher harbor full of restaurants and shops near the beach”
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Středomořská restaurace
“Beach, relax, good food and coctails y one of the best chiringuitos in Costa del Sol”
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“Nearest beach to the Villa Buenavista Malaga. 5 minutes drive. Many restaurants, promenade, palm trees on the sand and sardines from the grill.”
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Nudist Beach
“Desnúdate y siéntete libre. Es una playa nudista donde podrás disfrutar de la libertad sin ser juzgado. Posee en la misma playa una chiringuito para no tener que salir de ella para comer. Por favor, si se decide ir, cumplid con las normas, y no quedaros vestidos (en bañador/bikini).”
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“One of my favourite beach clubs to enjoy a very nice lunch! Great kitchen and service! Also a great venue to enjoy a day on the beach.”
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“Benalmádena has 17 beaches in its almost 20 km of coast, separated from the town by the promenade mentioned above. All of them have the necessary services to guarantee maximum comfort to the users: Torrequebrada, Torrevigía, Melilleros, Arroyo de la Miel, Bil Bil, Benalnatura or Arroyo Hondo are some of them, but all from the most urban to the wildest where You can practice scuba diving or fishing, you will undoubtedly live up to the expectations of every visitor. ”
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