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“This is, as far as I now, Hood Rivers only Cider Bar. A pub will usually have a couple of guest cider taps, this place has a couple of guest beer taps. All the rest Ciders. I don't know of anyplace that offers more tastes of ciders anywhere. They have great snacks as well. But a little local secret is that New York City Sub is two doors down, and you can get a sandwich to eat while you try a few of the Crush selection. They have a lot of Cider in bottles as well. ”
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“SUMMARY: A sandwich shop like no other, puts the Subway ch-ch-chain to sh-sh-shame. Seriously, I can't go to Subway anymore, I'm a born-again-NYCsub eater. FOOD: They offer a short list of quintessential sandwiches, including grilled meats. My favorite: The Bronx (grilled turkey&cheese). Also, legendary fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies that have been known to walk themselves into your mouth. DRINK: Sodas on tap or in cans. AMBIANCE: Small café, seating upstairs loft, or outside on sidewalk. Great friendly staff.”
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“Great little place to get Pho. The whole menu is amazing! The owner is always friendly. Great place for Gluten free food too. ”
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“The best Thai food in town. Give yourself a little extra time for the service.”
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