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Co podniknout v destinaci Palma

Objevuj město očima místních obyvatel. Zjisti, co podniknout, kde se nejlépe najíst a získej cenné rady od místních obyvatel.

“La Seu is a landmark of the city, and it will undoubtedly be the first recognizable landmark that you see on the final approach before landing at the nearby Son Sant Joan international airport. ”
Doporučuje 183 místních
“Charming castle perfectly preserved and lovely view of all Palma city and the bay”
Doporučuje 125 místních
“At the market you will find local produce both to cook at home, or enjoy at the market. Some shops give you a taste of local wines or gastronomic products. There are cafes, oyster bars, sushi spots, and a restaurant.”
Doporučuje 111 místních
Nákupní centrum
“Nearest shopping center from the accomodation. You will find shops, bars, restaurants and cinema ”
Doporučuje 81 místních
Farmers Market
“Very nice place for having dinner. You will find plenty of restaurants in a good atmosphere”
Doporučuje 86 místních
Nákupní centrum
“Big shopping centre including huge grocery shop Carrefour. Near the airport!”
Doporučuje 33 místních
“Modern Art Museum. It has a very nice terrace also to have a drink after the visit. ”
Doporučuje 58 místních
“The Paseo Marítimo is famous for its wide range of bars and discotheques where you can dance all night long. ”
Doporučuje 61 místních
Night Club
“es de pago, discoteca muy grande situada en el paseo marítimo. big disco located at the Palma bay, you must pay for the entrance.”
Doporučuje 46 místních
Obchodní dům
“Big center with everything you need: clothes, CD's, technology, video games, jewelry, perfumes, etc.”
Doporučuje 37 místních
“This traditional place is perfect enjoying the most delicious chocolate and local pastries. ”
Doporučuje 72 místních
Real Estate Agency
“Market inside where you can eat at many different stands and go into the fish market section for fresh oysters, sushi, local tapas, cava and more. Very popular on Saturdays between 12 and 16:00”
Doporučuje 67 místních
“Main square of the city. From there you can go anywhere in the island using bus, train, subway or a combination of them. ”
Doporučuje 75 místních
“Here is where the locals use to have their breakfast and read the news in the early morning. They serve tapas and drinks and are open until 2am.”
Doporučuje 45 místních
Real Estate Agency
“This Little train brings you from Palma to Soller an harbour of Soller. Amazing ride with beautiful landscaping.”
Doporučuje 46 místních
Koktejlový bar
“Abaco is the one that stands out. Smartly decorated with a hundred of fruit and flowers without destroying the original atmosphere. A good chance to see what a large old town house looks like from the inside.”
Doporučuje 39 místních