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“Majestic park overlooking the Luxembourg Palace. A visit here is most enjoyable at any time of the year. So much to see: the ducks swimming in front of the enormous Medici Fountain, children sending an armada of small boats across the pond, the parade of sculptures of the queens of France, the manicured Palace gardens. Take a seat and enjoy the people-watching! You can also just relax, enjoy a sandwich or read a book (plenty of chairs and benches). To do some jogging this is also a great place! Free entrance.”
  • Doporučuje 873 místních
“Very Parisian, can be crowded during holiday season. One of my favourite parks because it's not far and it's very green and natural compared to other parisian parks. You also get a pretty good view from the top.”
  • Doporučuje 1119 místních
“The Tuileries Garden takes its name from the tile factories that stood where Queen Catherine de Medici had the Tuileries Palace built in 1564, which has since disappeared. The famous king's gardener, André Le Nôtre, gave it from 1664 its current appearance of a French garden. The garden, which separates the Louvre from the Place de la Concorde, is a place for walking and culture for Parisians and tourists where the statues of Maillol rub shoulders with those of Rodin or Giacometti. The two pools are ideal for relaxation. The Orangery Museum in which visitors admire Monet’s works is located southwest of the Tuileries. From March to December, free tours only in French are organized. And for those who love cotton candy, rides and thrills, come to the Fête des Tuileries, from June to August.”
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“The construction of Parc Monceau dates back to the 17th century, under the orders of the Duke of Chartres. This beautiful park, which has inspired many famous paintings, was created in the 18th century for Philippe Egalité, the cousin of Louis XVI and the father of King Louis-Philippe I.”
  • Doporučuje 487 místních
“The biggest park in Paris, It hosts also the City of Sciences and many other cultural attractions”
  • Doporučuje 610 místních
“The biggest Nature area in Paris. Great place for activities like riding bikes, playing soccer...”
  • Doporučuje 447 místních
“Less than 5 minutes away, Place des Vosges is a beautiful park in the neighbourhood. A perfect place for an afternoon picnic or a nice walk.”
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“It makes you work out a little (too many stairs) but it's worth it, beautiful view and cute bars.”
  • Doporučuje 551 místních
“Often referred to as the “lungs” of Paris (alongside the slightly larger Bois de Vincennes), Bois de Boulogne is a massive park in the west of the 16th, and is more than twice as large as New York’s Central Park. With 15 km of cycle routes and the possibility to hire wooden rowing boats on the Lac Inférieur, the park offers much more than just a nice spot to have a picnic. Several restaurants can be found in Boulogne (including the Michelin-starred Le Pré Catalan), and there is even the Jardin Shakespeare, a beautiful green garden, transformed each spring into an outdoor theatre, where plays from the famous English playwright are put on. Today, the large parkland is home to two equestrian race tracks, horse riding trials, ponds, waterfalls, hiking trials, row boats for hire, and the Roland Garros tennis complex. ”
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Historická památka
“A big terrace where everyone gathers for drinks. There are some food trucks as well. ”
  • Doporučuje 281 místních
“Pretty, hilly park overlooking a lake (15 minute walk away). There are plenty of play areas for kids. Note Parkruns (free, time runs) take take place here every Saturday morning at 9am. ”
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“Very touristic place, especially during holiday season. But it's a great place for a pic nic, to spend the afternoon reading a book, with your kids, your dogs... Great view of the Eiffel tower.”
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“Just cross the Charlety Stadium and take a walk in this lovely parc! Traversez le stade Charlety et appréciez vous promener dans ce jolie parc!”
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“Stunning 19th Century typical Parisian park with lots of ducks, swans, and birds, swings....”
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Middle School
“A wonderful park by the river where you can go for a walk or a sunbathing picnic. Popular with the local community and somewhat of a hidden jewel from the more touristy parks in the City of Lights. A pleasant 10 min walk down rue Saint Charles.”
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Botanical Garden
“One of my favorites. I highly recommend the Galerie de l'évolution featuring very impressive whale skeletons.”
  • Doporučuje 128 místních