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Muzeum umění
“ A mouse as guard for the girl with the Pearl? Go and look in the Golden Room ......... in your room is a book about Maurice's mouse.”
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Budova soudu
“Feel the warmth of the peace flame on your back as you admire the most photographed building in The Hague: the Peace Palace. It is the seat of the International Court of Justice, the only judicial organ of the United Nations not located in New York, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. This beautiful Neo-Renaissance style building, which was actually the winning design of an architecture competition in the early nineteen hundreds, and the organisations it houses have given The Hague worldwide recognition as the internationale city of Peace and Justice.”
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Theme Park
“Madurodam is a unique attraction in The Hague. You discover the Dutch cultural heritage and all the highlights of Holland. Madurodam is divided into various themed areas such as urban, wet and resourceful. Madurodam is famous for the exact replicas of famous Dutch buildings and structures, on a scale of 1:25. But there is much more to do. In this small big city you learn everything about the fascinating cultural heritage of the Netherlands through multimedia displays and interactive installations. There are even 17 giant tulips to pose with. Learn all about Dutch history. Why do Dutch people wear clogs? Why are windmills so important? And how did the Dutch succeed in building this country from sea level? You will receive the answers to these questions during a visit to Madurodam. Visit the interactive installations and discover centuries-old canal houses, tulip fields, cheese markets, a wooden shoe factory, windmills, the Peace Palace, the Delta Works and much more!”
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Muzeum umění
“The Art Museum The Hague is a museum for modern art and crafts in The Hague. It was founded in 1866 as a 'Museum of Modern Art'. Later the name 'Haags Gemeentemuseum' was used until 1998, and then until 2019 'Gemeentemuseum Den Haag'. The institution is best known for the collection of works by Mondriaan, Picasso, Van Doesburg, Monet and Toorop”
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Muzeum umění
“Museum Escher in het Paleis is a permanent exhibition in The Hague dedicated to the world-famous artist M.C. Escher, whose art startled millions of people all over the world. The collection is housed in the former Winter Palace of Queen Mother Emma of the Netherlands.”
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Muzeum umění
“Mesdag's Panoramic painting of Scheveningen gives every visitor of The Hague a unique and unforgettable experience. It is the way to go back in time and relive 19th century Scheveningen.”
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Government Building
“Walk through the Dutch parlimen. Take a peek at the tower of our prime minister. You might spot his bicycle.”
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“Tourist beach area with beach bars - getting there: Take tram 11 (5 minute walk from the property) ”
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“Great touristic experience in Scheveningen - you will find shops, restaurants and entertainment on De Pier”
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“Plein is a very good place to catch a drink on the terras during the day. Nice end of the afternoon as well with the last sun hours. Very nice as well in the evening to grap a bite of drinks.”
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“This is the working palace of the King and Queen. It is modest, but beautiful, in the middle of a pretty nice, but expensive, street with boutique shops.”
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Nákupní centrum
“Nice and famous street of The Hague to shop, have lunch or to do your groceries.”
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Sublocality Level 2
“Immediately behind The Hague you will find Scheveningen beach; the most popular beach in the Netherlands. You can walk, sunbathe and swim, but also surf, visit events and enjoy delicious food. ”
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“Beautiful park with a Rosarium and a very nice place at the "Waterkant"to have a coffee”
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“Hidden in the Scheveningen dunes, like a jewel in the sand, lies the Beelden aan Zee museum ('Sculptures by the Sea'). The museum focuses exclusively on contemporary sculpture. Beelden aan Zee is a private museum, run by a large group of enthusiastic volunteers and supported by a group of friends. Within the context of its artistic policy the museum organises numerous cultural activities with which it has earned a special place in The Hague's international setting. ”
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Science Museum
“Large and very interesting museum for young and old. Lots of interactive things to discover more from our earth (culture and science). And with amazing National Geographic Photo Gallery. ”
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