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Piazza Duomo

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July 15, 2017
Must see Piazza of Ortigia. Try a granite at one of the several geletarias on the square.
August 17, 2016
The cathedral has been trasformed and used several times. Interesting to see all the different styles in it.
August 11, 2015
Piazza Duomo in Syracuse is strongly suggestive, and is considered among the most beautiful squares in Italy.
August 30, 2017
Piazza Duomo, nel cuore di Ortigia, è una piazza meravigliosa, interessante dal punto di vista dell'arte e dell'architettura. I palazzi nobili che circondano la piazza e il Duomo, costruito sulle stesse colonne dell'antico Tempio greco dedicato ad Athena, offrono una bella vista anche per il colore…
September 29, 2018
A superb, harmonious baroque square, the center of Ortigia, surrounded by magnificent palaces and where the Duomo rises on the ancient columns of the Temple of Athena

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“the castle from Federica of Swabia II, nice view and amazing live concerts during the summer. ”
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“The gallery illustrates the development of figurative Syracuse and more generally in the south-eastern Sicily, with particular regard to paintings and decorative arts. ”
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“Si vous êtes jeunes et désespérément en manque d'ambiance et de cocktail, allez faire un tour au Bar San Rocco. Certainement le Pub le plus animé de la ville ! ”
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“Fontana naturale a Ortigia The Fountain of Arethusa (Italian: Fonte Aretusa) is a natural fountain on the island of Ortygia in the historical centre of the city of Syracuse in Sicily. According to Greek mythology, the fresh water fountain is the place where the nymph Arethusa, the patron figure of ancient Syracuse, returned to earth's surface after escaping from her undersea home in Arcadia. The Fountain of Arethusa and the river Fiume Freddo in the province of Catania are the only two places in Europe where papyrus grows.”
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“La novecentesca Piazza Archimede, con la splendida fontana monumentale di Diana. The twentieth-century Piazza Archimede, with the splendid monumental fountain of Diana.”
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5 Piazza Duomo
Siracusa, Sicilia 96100
Telefon0931 65328