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Remarkable Cave

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June 26, 2021
Feel the power of the great southern ocean. Remarkable cave is a less than 10 minute drive and well worth a visit to see the cave shaped like Tasmania. You can also see cape raoul and a whale going by if you are lucky!
Rachel & Jet
Rachel & Jet
June 10, 2021
Located a few kilometres south of Port Arthur, Remarkable Cave is a big experience for a small investment in time. Even the drive to Remarkable Cave is a scenic wonder with the view to Cape Raoul on arrival to the car park a special treat. A few minutes walk from the car park (down a large set of…
January 19, 2020
A viewing platform at the bottom of 115 steps offer a tremendous view of the opening, which has been compared to the shape of Tasmania itself. The unique shape of the cave was formed in the sandstone cliff by the collapse of the cave wall. Huge boulders from this collapse remain near the viewing…
September 9, 2019
Approximately one hundred stairs will take you down to a little lookout from where you can peak into the deep opening of this remarkable cave. If you go at low tide you’ll be able to jump down onto the beach and enter the cave itself. Do not try this if the tide is coming in as water can pour…
June 18, 2019
These are a beautiful set of caves surrounded by majestic cliffs.

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446 Safety Cove Rd
Port Arthur, TAS 7182
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