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February 6, 2020
Fløyen will give you one of the best views in the city. You can either take the fløibane (funicular) or hike up the beautiful (and steep) roads that leads you to the top.
November 2, 2019
This is the perfect hike if you wanna combine shopping and hiking in one day, it takes about 2 hours to walk back and forth.
July 20, 2019
Mt. Fløyen - take the tram to the top. Nice view and walking
September 11, 2019
Walk straight up from the city centre or get the funicular and enjoy the view of the harbour, mountains and view.
January 18, 2020
Walk or take the funicular to the top. There you can enjoy great views of the city, eat soft ice-cream, children can play in the various playgrounds, or you can walk further to other nearby peaks (Rundemanen), or just to the nearby lake (Skomakerdiktet).
September 1, 2019
One of the most accesible mountains, reachable by foot or cable car from the city centre. I would recommend taking the cable cart up and walk down, then you get the best of both. Strollers are no problem! There are som nice views, local neighbourhoods and kidfriendly activities along the way. On the…
September 8, 2019
Few minutes drive the best view from one of the highest mountains in Bergen then this a place to go. It is possible to hike or take the funicular up the mountain and back. There is a café, restaurant, playing ground and picniv areas accessible for everyone.

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“Beautiful view from Ulriken. Ulriken643 takes you by cable car to the high mountain in the middle of the city. From the top you have miles of views of Bergen and the surrounding area with sea, archipelago, fjords and mountains. You will find restaurant, activity park, shop and fantastic hiking opportunities at the top. The course runs continuously every 7 minutes.”
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“Bergen Aquarium is Norway's largest aquarium and one of Bergen's biggest tourist attractions. We create great experiences and memories for life for both young and old.”
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“Stoltzekleiven in Bergen city center is a steep paved trail and stairs with approximately 722 steps up to Sandviksfjellet. Stoltzekleiven is one of the most popular trails in Bergen. Enjoy this hard but short popular hike from Fjellveien up Stoltzekleiven. The tour is divided into two parts with a challenging and an easy leg. The first part of the walk is mostly steep stone stairs. The more you climb, the better the view you get. The trip is suitable for both children and adults, but the hike is not recommended in winter when it can be slippery.”
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Nákupní centrum
“Shopping center located at the main square Torgallmenningen in the city centre”
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Skandinávská restaurace
“I can recommend Pingvinen. They serves traditional Norwegian food at affordable prices. The menu consists of brunch, dinner, snacks and supper. Pingvinen, Vaskerelven 14, 5014 Bergen”
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Bergen, Hordaland
Kreditní karty
Venkovní posezení
Brunch, oběd, večeře
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