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September 20, 2019
The university's baroque library is Coimbra's headline sight. Named after King João V, who sponsored its construction between 1717 and 1728, it features a remarkable central hall decorated with elaborate ceiling frescoes and huge rosewood, ebony and jacaranda tables. Towering gilt chinoiserie…
October 25, 2017
Beautiful Baroque Style library.
October 04, 2017
One of the oldest libraries in Europe
April 30, 2016
Stunning Baroque library, with its own colony of bats.
February 15, 2014
Be careful with the bat's living in this library.

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“This great museum is a highlight of central Portugal. Housed in a 12th-century bishop's palace, it stands over the city's ancient Roman forum, remains of which can be seen in the maze of spooky tunnels under the building – the cryptoporticus. Once you emerge from this, you can start on the fascinating art collection, which runs the gamut from Gothic religious sculpture to 16th-century Flemish painting and ornately crafted furniture. Particularly spectacular is the vast recreation of a chapel from the Convento de São Domingos, but highlights abound. These include a section of the delicate cloister of São João de Almedina and some exquisite alabaster pieces from England. Sculptural works trace the development of Portuguese sculpture from the 11th century, showing how the arrival of Renaissance masters from across Europe paved the way for a distinctive Coimbra tradition. You can admire terracotta figures from a 16th-century Last Supper by the mysterious French artist Hodart and some stunning panels by the Flemish painter Quentin Metsys. A collection of gold monstrances, furniture and Moorish-influenced pieces is almost too much by the time you reach it.”
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“In Fangas Mercearia & Bar, you may delight yourself with a careful selection of wines, preserves and national sausages, tasty toasts and snacks and other unmissable savoury and sweets. ”
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“One of oldest universities in the world. The old library is a must see. 35 minutes away. ”
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“Sé Velha, igreja do seculo XII na zona antiga da cidade. 12th century church, in the old part of town. 650m.”
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“Historical building next to Santa Cruz Church, located at Coimbra heart it´s the perfect spot for some relaxed daylight drink. Prices are a bit high but still it worths by is perfect location ”
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