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Tiệm bánh pháp Anh Hòa

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August 12, 2017
Bakery chain providing French style breads and pastries. A delightful way to start your day.

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Grocery or Supermarket
“Supermarket for grocery shopping. 2nd floor has home appliance and daily necessities”
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Sečuánská restaurace
“Xofa, from the English word ‘sofa’, epitomizes comfort. There are seating options that fit every possible need from comfortable desk chairs to squishy couches to makeshift beds (naps aren’t discouraged during the quiet midnight hours). The beautifully illustrated menu has a vast selection of food and drinks that are reasonably priced compared with other Hanoi cafe-restaurants in the same vein. And on the upstairs floors, hanging lights droop from the ceiling to create personalized and cozy spots for you to chat quietly with friends or fiddle around with your laptop. Even the music is blissfully perfect.”
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“Situated above the historic home of many famous journalists and writers, on the third floor of the "Press-Club" building, you can find one of the most spectacular French restaurants and its trendy lounge, a real "must go” destination in the heart of the old district of Hanoi. Open all day to anyone and overlooking the famous Metropole Hotel, eating and drinking are taken to an exciting new level. Here, in the splendid surroundings of old colonial flair, you can experience at “La Table du Chef", a unique 2 Michelin-star menu from Alain Dutournier (Paris) or enjoy at "La Plume Lounge” a choice of traditional Vietnamese dishes and the best cocktails in town from our world championship finalist ”
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“Nice place (both outdoors and indoors) at the bottom of the Flag Tower, so you can enjoy drinks and the scenery at the same time :)”
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“24/7 Sports bar with a great selection of food and drinks, for locals and expats.”
  • Doporučuje 6 místních
Telefon+84 24 8582 9846
Webové stránkybanhngotphap.vn