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Circus Maximus

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Federico Eugenio
Federico Eugenio
August 22, 2018
Circo massimo Ancient Roman stadium for chariot races. Today a park where you can relax on the grass and imagine the sound of horses' hooves vibrating on the ground. It keeps the ancient form intact if viewed from a distance.
Sweet Inn
Sweet Inn
July 02, 2018
Quite an amazing sight, this was once the largest stadium in Rome
June 03, 2018
Metro B stop in front of Bar Gusto Massimo. Take the line Rebibbia or Ionio if you go towards some important point of interest like Colosseum or Cavour (Monti neighborhood) or Stazione Termini. If you go to Stazione Tiburtina take the line Rebibbia. ________________________________________________…
June 20, 2016
Remember Ben Hur? Well, that's the arena where he used to ride his truck. Not much remains, as it is still mostly underground, but it is worth a visit
June 19, 2016
It's an example of the Greatest of Roma Empire. Where they made the famous horse chariot races. But also from there you can admire the wonderfull view of the Palatino Hill, just Amazing!! and behind there is the Rose Garden of Rome and the Aventine Hill where yo can also have an incredible view of…

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