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Shelburne Vineyard

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March 27, 2021
Shelburne Vineyards is the spot to go to enjoy a glass of wine in the Vermont sunshine. Try a flight of their house made wines or just order a bottle of the Marquette red and have a day. They’ll let you bring your own food for a picnic, or run across the street to Folino’s and bring back from…
June 21, 2020
Beautiful drive to a local vineyard!
February 7, 2020
Stop by the beautiful tasting room with a view of the vineyard for a wine and cheese tasting that includes a large variety of wines, or go on a tour where the wine is made onsite. You'll be sure to find a wine that you can't leave without.
Tari And Mike
Tari And Mike
September 24, 2019
Known for our internationally recognized award-winning wines and inviting Tasting Room, Shelburne Vineyard's sustainably grown vineyard and winery are easily accessible on Rt. 7 in historic Shelburne VT, just 5 miles south of downtown Burlington. We'll welcome you to taste our wines, tour the…
February 4, 2019
From vine to glass, they make the finest quality wine from northern varietal grapes. With a lush Vermont landscape as its backdrop, their state of the art winery and tasting room sits nestled among the vines. Stroll their vineyards, pack a picnic and sip a glass of wine on the patio.

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“Shelburne Museum is a museum of art, design, and Americana near Burlington. Over 150,000 works are exhibited in 39 exhibition buildings, 25 of which are historic and were relocated to the museum grounds. It is located on 45 beautiful acres near Lake Champlain. Fantastic day trip!”
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Farmářský trh
“Local Vermont produce, prepared foods, crafts, meats, cheeses, maple syrup, honey and more. Green grass, live music and ample parking. Saturdays: 9am-1pm, May - October. ”
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“Shelburne Orchards wanted to do right by their brandy and distill it in the true spirit of Vermont agriculture. That’s why they grow each and every apple that goes into Dead Bird Brandy right at Shelburne Orchards. Once the apples are harvested, they are pressed into cider. Then they add yeast, resulting in a hard cider of about 6% alcohol. They pump that hard cider into their stills and fire ‘em up! As the alcohol evaporates, the vapor is diverted through a copper coil set in cold water, which condenses the vapor into a liquid spirit. We collect this spirit drip by everlovin’ drop. The next step is to barrel age the brandy for 6 to 8 years. We start the young spirit in new medium toasted oak barrels for 18 months to 2 years. This gives the brandy it’s wonderful vanilla and caramel flavors. Then the brandy is transferred to older barrels that have less oak flavor to infuse. There it sits for at least 5 more years to mellow and smooth. This slow aging allows the brandy to keep most of its original subtle apple flavors. The process also results in a lot of lost alcohol through evaporation. This lost alcohol is called the “angel’s share” and results in a smoother and more condensed flavor. Over 8 years, the originally clear spirit evolves into a delicious beautiful amber. Pure liquid gold! Dead Bird Brandy!”
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“Very scenic and historic farm on Lake Champlain. Nice to walk around, jog. Book tours or just enjoy the open paths. ”
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“Shelburne Farms is a MUST see. Please make a Rez ! They serve breakfast and dinner...I always claim spot on the patio and the sunset is worth the price... set aside extra time to leisurely take in the barn, grounds, stable, O bakery and walking paths. This is truly a gem and highly recommend. ”
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6308 Shelburne Road
Shelburne, Vermont 05482
Telefon+1 802-985-8222
Webové stránkyshelburnevineyard.com