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Theme Park

Tivoli World

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Parque de atracciones y espectáculos de la Costa del Sol
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August 2, 2019
A local family favourite!
July 13, 2019
parque de atracciones para familias y jóvenes , mucha restauración y bares
July 21, 2019
Parque de atracciones donde puedes pasar una tarde-noche muy agradable y divertida con niños y amigos.
November 21, 2019
Enjoy and have fun with your family in this amusement park with variety of amazing attractions.
January 3, 2019
Brilliant for a whole day out entertaining the kids.
February 6, 2020
Tivoli World is the largest family entertainment theme park on the Costa del Sol. It is in the heart of Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena and is easy to reach by car, train, bus or taxi. Artists and groups who regularly appear at the Tivoli Theatre are famous Spanish Singers, Rocio Jurado and Isabel…
December 30, 2018
Good entertainment for the whole family

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“Selwo Marina is a wildlife park and dolphinarium located in the district of Benalmádena Costa, in the Malaga municipality of Benalmádena, Spain. It is a wildlife park with an extension of 1.67 hectares located on the Costa del Sol, next to the Paloma Park and close to the promenade, Santa Ana beach, El-Bil-Bil Castle and the Hindu temple Its facilities include its large swimming pool for dolphin shows and the ice penguin, unique in Andalusia. Selwo Marina takes you to different scenarios in South America, from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the icy Antarctic. Among the animals exhibited, in addition to dolphins and penguins, there are sea lions, exotic birds, dwarf crocodiles, and snakes. In the Amazon area, you can find a wide representation of species of this green lung of the earth: Pacu and Serrasalmus piranhas, anacondas, motor rays, disco fish ...”
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“Nice Sealife aquarium close to Benalmadena port that is worth on visiting. Touristic but there is a lot to see, drink and experience. ”
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“This park is a lovely tropical garden both for children and adults. Unique the cactur garden, cactuse from all over the world, the see, the park to leaisure the animals, which free live in the park are very fantastic program. ”
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“Bioparc Fuengirola has been around for a while. Originally built as a Zoo in the 1970's, it was not a pleasant place for the animals. In 1998, Rain Forest took over the zoo and set out to completely redesign and expand the zoo aiming to create the latest “full-immersion zoo” concept recreating the tropical forests of Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia. The new Fuengirola Zoo was opened in 2001 and set new standards for other zoos in Europe to follow. It is now called the Bioparc Fuengirola and the living standards for animals are very high. The Bioparc is now flourishing, with over 140 species represented, and a total of over 1,300 individual animals, seemingly happy in their newly created environments. The variety of animals is huge including birds, mammals including the gorilla, hippopotamus, leopard and tiger, reptiles including the crocodile and python and fish species. The Biopark aims not only to fascinate but also to teach and provides educational tours for adults and children. There is of course a restaurant on site and a huge playground next door to keep the young ones entertained. Also in the months of July and August, the Bioparc stays open till midnight allowing people to explore the park and its residents at night time, the perfect way to end an evening.”
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Benalmádena, AL 29631
Telefon+34 952 57 70 16
Webové stránkytivoli.es
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