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Cape Hauy

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November 30, 2019
Walking Track ... 3-4 hours .... part of The Three Capes Walk ... starts at Fortescue Bay.
September 8, 2019
A remarkable walk to see stunning rock stacks and get views of coastal cliffs. Start (and one of) the Three Capes Track.
April 23, 2014
Stunning walk nearby

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Point of Interest
“Night time entertainment like nothing else around, the guides on the ghost tours will definitely leave a lasting impression.”
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Krásná vyhlídka
“A viewing platform at the bottom of 115 steps offer a tremendous view of the opening, which has been compared to the shape of Tasmania itself. The unique shape of the cave was formed in the sandstone cliff by the collapse of the cave wall. Huge boulders from this collapse remain near the viewing platform. The cave has two entrances on the seaward side and can be explored at low tide.”
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Travel Agency
“World-class scuba diving sites such as Waterfall Bay caves, historic wrecks, giant kelp forests and huge schools of fish. Qualified & experienced instructors will make your experience perfect.”
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Krásná vyhlídka
“Feel the raw power of nature and exceptional geological strata of these remarkable short walks in the area.”
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Výletní plavba
“Fantastic expereince seeing whales, dolphins, rare sea birds and of course the amazing highest sea cliffs in the Southern hemisphere.”
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