Porto Palermo Beach

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Mario & Gjergji
May 29, 2020
Distance:45km Time:57 mins Recommended: ★★★★☆ crowded: 3/5
August 18, 2014
Located 8 km away from our cabins and 20 meters off the national road, you can stop here to enjoy the beach, visit the Fortress of Ali Pasha Tepelena and observe a Cold War submarine base, all at once
June 30, 2021
This place, because of it’s location, might be mistaken for a tourist trap - it is not! Try their shrimp saganaki and their sautéed mussels from Butrint. The location is very good, you eat to the view of Porto Palermo castle after enjoying a swim in the bay.
June 6, 2021
Calm, green-blue water. Also some small hidden beaches around.
Himarë, Vlorë County