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New York University

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Founded in 1831 and composed of academic programs in more than 25 countries, NYU is one of the largest private universities in the world.
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July 28, 2019
University in a really cool neighborhood.
Huo Huo
Huo Huo
May 10, 2017
You're not too far from one of the biggest private universities in the US! Get a feel for how college life is without a campus, or rather, with NYC as a campus!
February 27, 2017
New York University is just a lovely tree lined street filled walk away!
July 05, 2016
More than 175 years ago, Albert Gallatin, the distinguished statesman who served as secretary of the treasury under Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, declared his intention to establish "in this immense and fast-growing city ... a system of rational and practical education fitting for…
April 29, 2016
this is the perfect place to stay if visiting the city for classes at NYU. it is less than a five minute walk away.

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Italská restaurace
“What is now the cheery, bustling heart of Little Italy and Chinatown was once the core of the infamous Five Points slum, as seen in the 2002 Scorsese movie Gangs of New York. As you wander, imagine the scene that in 1842 inspired Dickens to write: “The patched and broken windows seem to scowl dimly, like eyes that have been hurt in drunken frays.” Roosts, where gangs would meet, abounded in 19th-century New York. But Bandit’s Roost, at 59 ½ Mulberry Street was the most famous, in part because of an 1888 photo by Jacob Riis that captured a menacing group gathered in the alley.”
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“No matter what time, even at night, this archway invites all artists and tourists alike! Sit around the fountain, go to Pommes Frites and bring back some french fries to eat as you people watch. Or even go for an iced coffee, or just stop through. NYU students are around, as are artists who will engage with you and ask you to go out of your comfort zone and participate in something new! ”
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“Local farms come gather outside to sell fresh produce, bread, plants, whatever. Look for which dates they're there. Local artists, great people watching, usually packed.”
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New York, NY 10003
Telefon+1 212-998-1212
Webové stránkynyu.edu