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Bus Station

Triana (Parque San Telmo)

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Jorge & Basia
Jorge & Basia
July 27, 2017
Zona de restauración y compras / Restoration and shopping area
Linhart Reyes 85
Linhart Reyes 85
September 1, 2016
Historic street full of shops and restaurants. Great for a warm afternoon. Directly next to Vegueta, one of the oldest parts of the city with cathedrals and museums to visit.
July 8, 2016
You should visit this old town shopping street when you visit the old city centre.
Valeria E Gianluca
Valeria E Gianluca
May 2, 2016
Shopping avenue surrounded by historical buildings
Arístides M.
Arístides M.
December 3, 2018
Zona comercial, ocio y restaurantes de la ciudad.

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Concert Hall
“On the other end of the city with the majestic views of Las Canteras, stands the Alfredo Kraus auditorium. In the popular neighborhood of Guanarteme where it is filled of young people and vibrant life.”
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“Nice tropical garden in a private property. Open to public with a beautiful peaceful garden. Around Arucas, in Las Hoyas, and also called Las Hesperides.”
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Science Museum
“An absolute must. They do charge for entry. Locals get a different price then tourists. Well worth it. Most displays in English as well. MUSTS: The Gyroscope, The Flight Simulator, The Virtual Reality Experiences, The Boat Simulator, the Shows... All of it Great for kids too, WIFI is free, washrooms are clean. Sorry for all the Science Stuff they DO NOT HAVE A PUBLIC DRINKING FOUNTAIN nor PUBLIC ACCESS Toilets or Free Entry which is a real shame for the amount of tourism dollars arriving to the island everyday and that it is supposed to be a SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY Museum. Last time we checked public drinking fountains used to exist in society. ”
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“Fountains, Pools, Statues and Kids Play areas. Like most parks on the island it sadly does not have a public washroom and nope there is no drinking fountain. Still it is a lovely place to take a walk about. ”
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History Museum
“For a gateway into Gran Canaria's past, why not visit one of GC's museums? Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's Casa de Cólon (Columbus House) museum chronicles the adventures of Christopher Columbus whilst Gáldar's Cueva Pintada (Painted Cave) museum reveals the island's pre-Spanish history.”
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