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Tropicana Club

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October 24, 2019
Known as one of the hottest cabaret shows in the world, the Tropicana Nightclub Show is a world-famous spectacle set in a lush, tropical open-air venue that bursts with colorful lights, glitter, and glam. Salsa-charged and sensual, it’s a must-do activity during any trip to Havana Cuba. This is one…
October 20, 2019
Tropicana is a famous Cuban cabaret created in 1939, in Havana, in the Marianao area, specifically in the Playa municipality. It is known as "a paradise under the stars", it was built outdoors in a wooded area taking advantage of the cool of the trees, becoming a completely different from the…
Yakelin / Stirlys
Yakelin / Stirlys
June 13, 2019
Only 10 minutes away by car is the best cabaret of the Caribbean .. El Tropicana is a cabaret in Havana, Cuba. It was launched on December 30, 1939 at the Villa Mina in Marianao and next door to El Colegio de Belen where Fidel Castro went to school. The Tropicana Cabaret is located in a lush,…
April 29, 2019
The best show in town
Silvita & Alexandra
Silvita & Alexandra
August 5, 2018
Classical place for cuban shows

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Noční klub
“Concerts, go there and check out their schedule. Big Cuban bands play there a few times a week.”
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“The Acuario Nacional de Cuba opened on January 23, 1960, with just 13 fish tanks in place, but it gave visitors the opportunity to see several fish and sea invertebrate creatures. The number of tanks increased, giving room to new species until 1973, a year that was marked by the arrival of Silvia, a seal that became the most popular creature among visitors. Later, in the 80s, a show was introduced with two dolphins, Diana and Ciclón.”
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“Not a guest at the Hotel Nacional? No worries: you can still enjoy the splendidly vibrant and extravagant shows of the Parisien, Havana's renowned cabaret.”
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“This is a real arts factory. At FAC you can enjoy concerts, performances, photo exhibitions, wacht a movie, you name it. Plus the many bars that offer Cuban and international cocktails. That atmosphere where arts and entertainment are so intertwinned, is really unique.”
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Obchod s oblečením
“Stylish bar located in an elegant colonial style villa. Many times there are fashion shows, where Cuban designers show their latest collection.”
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La Habana, La Habana
Telefon+53 7 279147
Webové stránkycabaret-tropicana.com
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