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Plaza De Armas

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September 07, 2019
historic main square close to museums, restaurants, churches.
December 15, 2018
Best place to find all you wanna do in Cusco.
November 06, 2018
Historical main square with the cathedral built on top of an old Inca palace.
Josca Irinova
Josca Irinova
June 18, 2018
Plaza Mayor del Cusco.
Bary &. Maria
Bary &. Maria
October 04, 2017
It's the main square

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Nákupní centrum
“If you are for longer in Cusco and need to buy something more detailed or just go to the cinema or you are missing the fast food you can visit Real Plaza, it has many stores of international and local chains.”
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Historická památka
“The Qorikancha palace was the administrative center and residence of the Inca (Inca is the title received by the chief of all the chiefs of the different nations that made up the Inca Empire). It is in the very center of the city of Cusco (you can walk to get there in less than 10 minutes). Qori means gold in Quechua (the language of the Incas) and Kancha means surrounded by, therefore Qorikancha means Surrounded by Gold, this name was given because its walls were clad in pure gold and being in the center of the city of Cusco reflects the sun's rays on its golden walls. This place is one of the jewels of the Inca Empire and is a obligatory places to visit for all the travelers that arrive at Cusco city (as it was customary for travelers to visit the Inca first upon arrival in Cusco in times of the empire)”
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Point of Interest
“The Saqsaywaman fortress watches over the valley where the city of Cusco is located. This archaeological center had the function of protecting the capital of the Inca Empire from any external attacker. It is for this reason that the photos that can be taken from its Andean terraces have no comparison! If you visit Cusco you have to go to Saqsaywaman. Saqsaywaman Fortress is only 15 minutes by taxi from the city of Cusco, it can be completely covered in just one hour and 30 minutes.”
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Noční klub
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Běžná zábava
“A unas pocas cuadras de la ciudad para ir y ver si hay alguna obra teatral, danza, mùsica o algunas veces exposiciones. ”
  • Doporučuje 9 místních
Cuzco, Cusco