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Fuxing Park

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November 28, 2018
Peaceful park where you can walk around and see people playing chest. If you go early, you would be able to see the morning dances et workouts of the senior population of Shanghai.
May 20, 2018
Fuxing Park is beautiful with a variety of different things to see in order to experience Shanghai Culture. Luckily for you it's just across the street!
December 18, 2017
Take a nice walk after meal along the park. usually will take more than 30mins, busy during weekend afternoons. lovely. landscape, garden, and local people dancing singing - I love it!
August 13, 2017
Not to far, not to big and not too small, simply the best! My favorite park in Shanghai.
August 12, 2017
Go outdoor dancing with the old aunties, check out the bird men and their cute little cages of singing birds or my favourite are the tree rubber exercise enthusiasts but you have to get up early to catch them. Enjoy a coffee at the Rose Garden Cafe and watch locals doing laps of the park.

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“rooftop terrace, different music played in two different rooms. live music. lady's night.”
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“Though on the smaller side, this newly-renovated park won't hold much for nature-seekers, but it's a nice dash of green in the midst of the Xuhui business district. Its tree-lined promenade is a favorite for evening dances, often packed out with couples doing the tango, foxtrot or even the occasional waltz. It's also got a decent sized lawn (which you can't go on), a fountain and a central pavilion that hosts in musicians and cultural performances. Plus, they finally knocked down that fence, which means it's free and open 24/7. It's busy, but it's convenient and it's just nice to have around, honestly.”
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Amusement Park
“The world's largest Disneyland theme park, and much cheaper to go to than the ones in the U.S. :-)”
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516 Fuxing Middle Rd
Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi 200000