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Rekreační pronájmy v Severní Holandsko

Najdi si jedinečné ubytování na Airbnb

Nejlépe hodnocené rekreační pronájmy ve městě Severní Holandsko

Hosté souhlasí: tyto pobyty jsou vysoce hodnoceny podle lokality, čistoty a dalších faktorů.

Tichý samostatně stojící soukromá chata  u moře
Celá nemovitost: horská chata · 2 hosté · 1 lůžko · 1 koupelna

Tichý samostatně stojící soukromá chata u mořeMilujete klid, venkov, přírodu, žádné lidi kolem sebe, pláž, moře, lesy a duny, široký polders ? Pak je to ideální místo pro oslavu svátků! V místě uprostřed krajiny daleko od všeho shonu a shonu, leží naše chata "De Grote Bonte Specht". Samostatně stojící chata je v naší zahradě za vlastním samostatně stojícím domem . Zde máte samostatnou zahradu s vlastním vchodem na slunném jihozápadě. Výsledkem je, že toto ubytování nabízí naprosté soukromí.

Atmosférické podkroví v blízkosti pláže a duny včetně kol.
Celá nemovitost: podkroví · 2 hosté · 1 lůžko · 1 koupelna

Atmosférické podkroví v blízkosti pláže a duny včetně kol.Atmosférický, útulný byt nad velkou stodolou, uprostřed pozdravu. V docházkové vzdálenosti od restaurací, dun a pláže. Soukromý vchod, parkoviště a soukromá zahrada. Apartmán má koupelnu s velkou vanou a kamny na dřevo. K dispozici jsou dvě kola v bytě, které můžete použít. K dispozici je také prostor pro umístění vlastního kola uvnitř.

Rekreační byt Kapberg Schoorl
Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka · 2 hosté · 1 lůžko · 1 koupelna

Rekreační byt Kapberg SchoorlDíváte se na louky a krásné lesy a duny oblasti Schoorl je u nohou. Na kolech, která jsou připravena pro vás, můžete na kole na pláž a moře do 15 minut. Kapberg Schoorl byl realizován s důrazem na detail a vkus.

Rekreační pronájmy pro každého

Získej prostor, který je pro tebe ideální.

  • Domovy
  • Hotely
  • Jedinečné pobyty

Oblíbené vybavení v rekreačních pronájmech ve městě Severní Holandsko

  • Kuchyň
  • Wifi
  • Bazén
  • Parkování na pozemku v ceně
  • Klimatizace

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Krásný rekreační dům u lesa, duny a moře!
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Rekreační pronájmy De Poolster
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Bergen, Nizozemí
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Útulné 2 os. Studio v Egmond aan Zee
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Spousta klidu a soukromí!
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To nejlepší, co nabízí Severní Holandsko

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Amsterdam Experience Cruise
    First of all we want to thank you all for choosing our experience. We are proud to announce that we have won an award from Airbnb for the most popular experience and the 3rd best Airbnb experience in the world! Besides that we received more than 75 different nationalities on board. It was also an honor to be invited by airbnb to have lunch with Nathan Blecharczyk (co-founder of Airbnb) to talk about our experience. This would never have been possible without you. Thank you dear guests Do you want to experience Amsterdam in a more authentic way? Step aboard on our beautiful large luxury sloop with enough space for everyone and discover the city like a real explorer. We’ll welcome you on our stylish boat with enough drinks and delicious Dutch snacks. We will also make a stop at the best boat catering in Amsterdam, to pick up our delicious well-known bitterballen. So lean back, relax and listen to our amazing stories about Amsterdam. (Rederij) De Wester does not just stand for a great entertainment experience, we also think it is important to have social awareness. That is why we will donate a part of your ticket to a foundation that helps to improve the health and wellbeing of premature and sick babies. www.steunemma.nl
    Od Cena:$57 za osobu
  • Evening cruise starting Anne Frank House
    On our 1 hour evening cruise you will explore Amsterdam, its famous landmarks, culture and rich trading history whilst relaxing on our covered and heated saloon boat. At night all the bridges light up in the city so it will feel like a sailing though a fairytale. The cruise will be done with a small group of people, so expect an interactive tour, with enough space for questions and any needed recommendations for your further stay in Amsterdam. Other things to note -Try to be present at the pick-up location 10 mins before the departure time -If you can't find the boat please call us at +31 (0) 202252837 -When it rains this can impact the visibility of the tour, if you are wishing to change it to a different date or get a refund, you can call or email us.
    Od Cena:$22 za osobu
  • Luxury Canal Tour start Anne Frank House
    Our company was created out of our excitement for Amsterdam, passion for boats, and love for people. Aiming for an intimate and personal atmosphere, we will take you on a 1- hour journey through Amsterdam's cozy streets. Our local skipper and hostess will give you an insider’s view of Amsterdam: telling you stories and answering any question that you’ve ever had about our city. Thanks to our fully electric boats you'll experience Amsterdam in a silent and ecofriendly way. With a very convenient departure location, in front of the Anne Frank House (Prinsengracht 263), you won't miss us! And let's be honest, wouldn't you rather be sipping cocktails while enjoying the beautiful views, than be trapped in one of those old-school tourist canal boats? Other things to note - It can be busy at the Anne Frank house, find us in orange on the dockside. - When bad weather is predicted, we will run with covered boat. This will impact visibility, but keep our socks dry! - On sunny days the cruise will run with an average of 15-25 persons - Bar on board (available on purchase
    Od Cena:$22 za osobu
  • Summer sailing experience
    There are several option for your sailing trip, and the starting time depends on our appointment. This experience we only provide in summer. Enjoy a 2 hours sailing trip on the Oosterschelde with our sailing yacht SailForce. Skipper Marco is your host, and will guide you on your trip. 14:00 u. Arrival at the harbour office, meet and great 14:15 u. Safety instruction and setting sail 14:30 u. Experience sailing and the nature of the Oosterschelde 16:15 u. Sailing back to the harbour of Wemeldinge 16:30 u. Disembark Every Friday & Saturday we sail a sunset tour. Starts at 20:00 u. Other things to note For private groups: we can carry max. 10 persons on board. You'll book the complete sailing yacht including skipper for your trip. Trips are available as of 2 hours till a full day sailing. Time of departure can be different and also on other dates then displayed. See prices on www.sailforce.nl
    Od Cena:$60 za osobu
  • Tip-Based Walking Tour of Amsterdam
    Discover the fascinating history of the most liberal city in the world with FreeDam Tours - the Nr 1. Best Rated Walking Tour in Amsterdam! On this unique tip-based tour * you will discover how freedom and tolerance shaped the city and its people throughout the ages. Your super-local guide will combine beautiful sightseeing with exciting storytelling and cover everything you need to know about Amsterdam in one tour: history, modern life, culture, art, fun facts and personal stories for a unique insider’s perspective on life in Amsterdam. Be prepared to challenge all your preconceived ideas about this city because after this tour you will never look and think of Amsterdam the same way. “From the Red Light District to the evolution of Amsterdam as the global centre of world trade in the 17th century, its transition from a republic to a monarchy, the tragedy of the Nazi occupation and its enlightened and effective attitude to drug control, your guide will stitch these diverse items together with humorous personal anecdotes and insightful commentary on the underlying social and cultural mores of the Dutch people”. *Tip-based walking tour means you can join this tour almost for free (you will only be charged the booking and marketing & fees) after which you can tip your guide what you think the tour was worth!
    Od Cena:$6 za osobu