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yoga house
Soukromý pokoj · 2 hosté · 1 lůžko · 1 sdílená koupelna

海まで5分。温泉まで3分。駅から7分。 糸島ヨガ&リトリートゲストハウス個室 yoga house★2018年3月に古民家を利用してオープン。 ★洋室個室セミダブルベッド1台。 リクエストあれば、2名の場合お布団別にご用意できます。 ★ 全棟貸切ではありません。 ✴︎他ゲストとの共有スペース:トイレ、シャワー、ダイニング、キッチン ★当施設はヨガスペースを併設。 ★徒歩3分で温泉「きららの湯」があります。 ★JR筑肥線筑前深江駅から徒歩7分。 天神、博多駅、福岡空港から電車直通。 ★無料駐車場有 ★スーパーマルキョウまで徒歩15分 ★コンビニまで徒歩7分 ★ビーチまで徒歩すぐ。 ★自家焙煎珈琲ショップすぐそば。 ★イタリアンレストランすぐそば ★ベーカリーショップ徒歩3分 ●和食作り体験、弁当作り体験 japanese food cooking experience  1名の場合3000yen2名の場合1名2500yen3名の場合1名2000yen ●ヨガ体験yoga experience 1回 2500yen ●タイマッサージ3000円。 ●レンタルサイクル電動アシスト自転車1日2000円

一棟貸切。駅から7分、温泉まで3分、海まで5分 yoga ヨガも。guest house 凪
Celá nemovitost: obytný dům · 10 hostů · 6 lůžek · 1 koupelna

一棟貸切。駅から7分、温泉まで3分、海まで5分 yoga ヨガも。guest house 凪2018年3月に古民家を利用してオープンしたばかりの ゲストハウスです。 駅からも近く、徒歩ですぐのところには深江ビーチ、 温泉きららの湯がございます。 セミダブルベッド1台の寝室が2室。シングルベッドの寝室が1室。6畳の布団部屋が1室、8畳の布団部屋が1室です。寝室は個室ですが、キッチン、風呂、トイレは共有スペースとなっております。定員は、マックス10名ですが、お子様がいらっしゃる場合は、もう少し増えても対応できますので、事前にご相談ください。原則として10名を超えるご利用は、対応でき兼ねますので、お断りしております。駐車場は無料ですが、台数には限りがあります。すぐそばには、温泉きららの湯がございます。近隣迷惑となる節度のない宴会、パーティで騒がれる方のご利用は、ご遠慮いただいております。

itoshima yoga
Soukromý pokoj · 1 host · 1 lůžko · 1 sdílená koupelna

駅から7分。海まで5分。温泉まで3分。 糸島ヨガ&リトリートハウス凪3 itoshima yoga★2018年3月に古民家を利用してオープン。 ★シングルベッド1台洋室。 全棟貸切ではありません。 ✴︎他ゲストとの共有スペース:トイレ、シャワー、ダイニング、キッチン ★当施設はヨガスペースを併設。 ★徒歩3分で温泉「きららの湯」があります。当施設のシャワールームもご利用可能。 ★JR筑肥線筑前深江駅から徒歩7分。 天神、博多駅、福岡空港から電車直通。 ★無料駐車場ございます ★スーパーマルキョウまで徒歩15分 ★コンビニまで徒歩7分 ★夕陽も砂浜も美しいビーチまで徒歩すぐ。 ★自家焙煎珈琲ショップすぐそば。 ★イタリアンレストランすぐそば ★ベーカリーショップ徒歩3分 ●和食作り体験、弁当作り体験 japanese food cooking experience  1名の場合3000yen 2名の場合1名2500yen 3名の場合1名2000yen ●ヨガ体験yoga experience 1回 1500yen 2回で2500yen 3回で3000yen ●ローカルツアー  半日 1名5000円2名以上1名3000円  1日 1名8000円2名以上1名5000円

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Další skvělé rekreační pronájmy v destinaci Saga

  1. Soukromý pokoj
  2. Itoshima-shi
yoga and detox retreat guest house
$33 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Saga-shi
Saga station! Perfect for a large group or family!
$35 za noc
  1. Chýše
  2. 糸島市
Obnova starého domu postaveného před 150 lety "Pronájem starého domu Villa Zuibaijien"
$372 za noc
  1. Hotelový pokoj
  2. Saga-shi
ゲストハウスHAGAKURE ミックスドミトリー(2段ベッド)
$36 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Saga
$123 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Saga-shi
202 Ideal for Couple staying near Saga station
$23 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: nájemní jednotka
  2. Saga-shi
Saga station! Perfect for a large group or family!
$36 za noc
  1. Společný pokoj
  2. Itoshima
四季の庵 糸島【限定一組】 1000㎡以上の大自然のパノラマ‼駐車スペース3台以上、BBQ施設あり!
$182 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. Yanagawa
$50 za noc
  1. Chýše
  2. Itoshima-shi
$216 za noc
  1. Celá nemovitost: obytný dům
  2. 神埼郡吉野ヶ里町
Pro rodiny a skupiny
$36 za noc
Prozatím žádná hodnocení
  1. Hotelový pokoj
  2. Saga
【TAPSTAY HOTEL】ダブルルーム 2WEST 11平米/JR佐賀駅から徒歩3分
$60 za noc

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  • Experience the world of yacht in Fukuoka
    Want to experience the wonders of the city of Fukuoka from above my yacht? My experience is a 3 hour program. At first Sign your safety description and disclaimer. Let's sail on! we have a beer with the departure! There is also a soft drink. This is a gift from the captain. At first of all we head east. Please enjoy the sight of the city of Fukuoka from the sea. Sailing the yacht yourself if the sea conditions are good. Next, take a break on the small island in Hakata Bay. Take a walk by yourself in the quiet harbor town. There are small coffee shops, markets and hamburger shops in the port town. The last goes west. Depending on the weather, you may be able to see a great sunset. A rock from the sea on the way looks like a human face. This can only be seen on a yacht. The schedule may change depending on the weather. (Depending on the weather of the day, it may be canceled. Please understand for your safety.) I am waiting for you. ~ About cancellation of unseasonable weather ~ If departure is canceled due to bad weather, a full refund will be made through air bnb. その他の留意事項 If it is canceled due to bad weather, we will notify you as soon as possible. However, the announcement may be on the day. Because we are in nature. Please understand for your safety. In that case, we suggest another day. Or you can get a full refund through Airbnb.
    Od Cena:$81 za osobu
  • Mysterious Temples of Hakata
    After meeting at the meeting point, we will take you to see some hidden treasures. Places, tourists usually won't see. You'll have time to take pictures of many outstandingly beautiful temples and a historical shrine. The temple walk will last about four hours, so please be prepeared and wear sneekers or shoes you feel comfortable in. At the sites you'll feel as if you were in a different time - promise! Enjoy the serenity of the gardens. It's amazing to find such places in the middle of a modern city - you will see. On the way, we will taste green tea at a tea shop and if you like you can buy Macha or Green Tea and later during the walk we will taste Kamaboko (fishham) when passing a small factory that has produced this delicacy for over a hundert years and Umegae Mocchi (a typical Hakata sweet). After the walk we will take you back to the meeting point if you wish. Other things to note We do the tour with small groups only - 1 - 6 guests. We like to keep it intimate so we can answer individual questions. The walk is enjoyable even on a rainy day but you'll need rainprotection. Due to the special Covid-19 situation, we ask our guests to wear facemasks - as will we.
    Od Cena:$35 za osobu
  • Off the Beaten Hike in Itoshima
    Nature in Japan is amazingly rich. Our hike will be at the mountain range in Itoshima, Fukuoka. The 3 to 4 hour course will take us to a small mountain village, pass rice fields, follow a mountain stream, go through a forest and at the top it will treat us to great views of Itoshima and Fukuoka City. On the return trip we will make a stop at a very pretty mountain temple. Other things to note By signing-up for this event, you agree to have your own accident insurance. Please wear good hiking/walking shoes & clothing. Bring drinking water. At the end, a bowl of Fukuoka Ramen is my treat.
    Od Cena:$42 za osobu
  • Untapped Japanese Spirits with Bartender
    Have you ever heard or tried Japanese traditional alcohol, called 'Shochu'? Just one simple understanding , '' Shochu is majority drink in Japan! Not minority ! '' Shochu is very common spirit among locals, but still not very known in the world. In my online experience, you can touch about the shochu. I will share how much I love shochu by using pictures, some video clips of shochu maker where I've visited( I visited more than 80 makers), graph and data. Shochu has long history and it is related to each local area. Please prepare your notebook and a pen, you can touch new Japanese alcohol knowledge and experience both logically and intuitively. I'm pretty sure you would love to try it after my experience! Also, you can know how to drink shochu. I will show you how to serve(drink) professional style. Shochu has 'own MIX culture', I will also talk about paring with meals (If you have shochu at home, please bring it when you join, I can introduce it!) I set up Q&A time, but you can feel free to ask me at anytime. その他の留意事項 You can enjoy on phone but better to use PC so that you can see my explanation more big size and closer.
    Od Cena:$12 za osobu
  • BuraburaFukuoka Dcourse
    This the Route D. In this route we will visit beautiful Japanese garden and historic shrine, and then come to a local shopping street of long time popularity. At last we go to explore the biggest seafood market in Fukuoka city. ① Rakusui’en garden: a Japanese garden built 100 years ago. Now a good place to enjoy Japanese traditional macha in its tea room. ② Sumiyoshi shrine: a famous and historic shrine that offering the god of sumo, Japanese national sport. The grand statue of Japanese wrestler in traditional dress and the arena is very worthy visiting. ③ Sun Road shopping street: .greengrocers,fruits store, butchers, cloth store, In the street you always can find reasonable price. ④ Yanagibashi seafood market: The biggest seafood market inside the city and that’s why it is called Hakata kitchen. The market mains in seafood, having more than 50 shops. To discover the rare fish here is always interesting. Route D is open at 2:00 pm. every Friday and Saturday. Other things to note Please wear shoes that easy to walk when you join our tour. Please prepare umbrella in raining days. Extra payment in the tour : ticket ror Rakusuien garden 100JPY/person
    Od Cena:$33 za osobu

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