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Yanni's Greek Cuisine

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April 3, 2018
Wonderful Greek food.
March 1, 2018
Named Best Mediterranean restaurant in Seattle (1st of 87) ” … For there, welcoming you as you first enter our eatery, is the great symbol of Greece’s timeless story of the birth of western civilization: The Acropolis of Athens.”Donovan Cheney You have only to glance upward toward the specially…
November 30, 2014
If you have ever wanted to dine at a Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares restaurant, this is your chance. I loved this restaurant before the makeover, and I still love it! Great family-owned restaurant!
June 9, 2012
Excellent greek food.

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7419 Greenwood Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98103
Telefon+1 206-783-6945