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April 2, 2019
These ancient graves are one of the lost discoveries on the backroads of the island. Sombre, but filled with beauty, these graves are rich in history. This spot is also fantastic for any photographers to get some lovely images of the island landscape
March 10, 2018
It is a bit tricky to find the location, but the view from above is amazing. According to map, it can be reached from two points, but we were coming from Neo Klima towards Pano Kareia location, following road signs for Sandoukia. Turning left toward Sandoukia you should take a macadam road uphill…
November 23, 2016
In the locality of Sentoukia the ancient carved graves were found, possibly of the post Roman period, on mount Delphi near the monastery of Agios Nikolaos. The place is somewhat inaccessible; however an afternoon walk will be compensated with the panoramic view of the surrounding islands.

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“Great service, good quality bikes,: beautiful hills, and pines to see at your cycling tour. And the ocean views at all your ride from skopelos. Skopelos Cycling. Super friendly and funny..”
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“This café/bar/ouserie in the heart of Glossa village, a petit place wher eyou can enjoy cold beers with meze (seems to be a dying out Greek tradition), or ouzo and great pizza”
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“Situated in the old town of Glossa, a cafe and cocktail bar with a lovely view out to sea. Perfect for a glass of something to unwind.”
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“this is the place with it's tastes, atmosphere, people. Cheese pie, apple pie, cream pie.... Grandmother making perfect pies. Real coffee, smells, small tables in white streets, what a way to start a day.”
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“While it may be true that the focus of most is to get to Ag Ioanni (Mama Mia's church), a short stop at Ag Riginos on the way to the other end of the island provides a peaceful alternative. Martyred in the Church's early history, Agios Riggings was the first bishop and later the patron saint of Skopelos. The standing church and monastery compound is built on the original site that honored the martyr's life work and passing. The monks are long gone but the grounds are lovingly tended by--at the time of our visit--by a woman who continues to sell small items made by the monks on Athos and closer by monasteries. In the tradition of monasteries, she offers visitors pieces of sweet”
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