Parque Natural da Arrábida

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Adriana & Adriano
Adriana & Adriano
July 14, 2019
Beautiful natural park with hiking, biking and climbing options
July 27, 2021
Parque Natural da Arrábida The wild and undulating Serra da Arrábida Natural Park melds a verdant swathe of beautiful countryside with a dramatic Atlantic Ocean coastline. One of the great natural attractions of the area, the spectacular scenery comprises a pristine landscape rich in cork wood,…
Carmen & Sergio
Carmen & Sergio
February 17, 2021
Arrabida is located 20 minutos by car from Be Meco Guesthouse. Natural Park of Arrábida is of great environmental importance allowing a close contact with nature. You can find unspoilt beaches (Galapos, Galapinhos, Figueirinha) or you can also walk along the various walking routes, and visit some…
July 12, 2021
Natural Park where you can have access to the beaches, hike, biking, swimming and many other activities.
Saudade Apartments
Saudade Apartments
March 28, 2021
The Arrábida Natural Park is a must see specially for nature lovers, hikers and trekkers, it won this title in 1976. It has an area of ​​10 521 hectares and 500 meters of altitude. The beauty of the natural park is not limited to the beaches and breathtaking landscapes. There you can also find rare…
September 6, 2020
Incredible nature, with incredible secluded beaches.

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Natural Feature
“Lighthouse of Cabo Espichel For centuries the Portuguese coast was known by foreign vessels, especially the British, as the "black coast" because there was no lighting system to help navigation. In the late eighteenth century, the Marquis of Pombal built a network of lighthouses to make it safer, including the one on Cabo Espichel, one of oldest in Portugal, built in 1790. Over two hundred years later, the Lighthouse is still in operation and additionally represents a true symbol of Cabo Espichel. Open to the public once a week, on the initiative of the Portuguese Navy, it is a way of telling the story of the place and attesting to our relationship with the sea. Admiring the landscape from the 32 meter high tower is, in itself, a unique experience that is worth the 135 stone and 15 iron steps that you need to climb to get there, but along the route there is much more to discover.  At an altitude of 168 meters above sea level, the Lighthouse of Cabo Espichel has a luminous range of 26 miles, approximately 48 kilometers, and produces a white light that every 12 seconds emits three flashes. The optical apparatus smaller than the original, also comprises air/sea panels which emit light not only to the horizon, but also to the sky. In the tower one can still see the equipment that operated by means of a vapourized oil burner, which in 1883 replaced the Argand lamps, fueled by oil, and the old watch system, which in case of failure of the engines, is ready for action . In the late nineteenth century it received its first sound signal, a mechanically operated bell that later, with the arrival of electricity, was replaced by an air siren which, although deactivated, can still be seen on site. The equipment became fully autonomous in 1989. Despite all the existing electronic aid to navigation, the light of the lighthouse is still precious to those at sea. The Sesimbra fishermen are guided not only by the light but by the building itself. With the visual and sound technological advances that have occurred over the decades, the routine of the lighthouse keepers has also changed. However, just as the light of the lighthouse, their presence is also indispensable, not only in case of malfunction but also to care for its upkeep. Since 2011, along with 29 other buildings owned by the Navy, the lighthouse of Cabo Espichel has been open to the public once a week for tours, which explain the mission of the lighthouses and the work of lighthouse keepers, revealing to the public a very valuable cultural and historical heritage. Wednesdays, from 13.30 to 16.30hrs, in the winter time, or from 14.00 to 17.00hrs in the summertime”
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Natural Feature
“Lagoa Albufeira is located 3min drive or 15 min bike. Surrounded by pinewood almost all the perimeter, the calm waters and the wind create conditions for the practice of winsdurf, kitesurf, paddle and canoeing. ”
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Koktejlový bar
“Great space to relax, plus, with an amazing view to Troia and the Sado river!”
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Point of Interest
“Antigo moinho de maré convertido em ponto de informaçao turistica com uma agradável explanada e um bar. A Herdade da Mourisca insere-se no estuário do Sado, numa das zonas húmidas mais importantes para observação de aves aquáticas, podendo acolher no Inverno de cerca de 50 mil aves. Colhereiro, o Mergulhão-pequeno, a Garça-real, a Águia-sapeira, o Pernilongo e o Flamingo. O Gabinete de Turismo do Município disponibiliza ao público visitante telescópio e binóculos que auxiliam a visualização das espécies. Passeios Pedestres pelas salinas. ”
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“Here you can have a lot of fun, while listening to good music and drinking a lovely cocktail.”
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