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    Proč se mé ceny změní, když vytvořím vlastní propagaci?

    With promotions, we want to ensure that you get perks for offering a deal, and that guests are getting a price that’s lower than usual. To do this, we make sure promotions are true discounts—that means your new price is lower than your typical price for that specific date.

    We track all of your prices over a 30-day period to figure out what you typically charge for any given date. When you create a promotion, we calculate your median price price for that date over the last 30 days. In other words, we line up all of the prices from lowest to highest, and the price that falls in the middle is your median price.

    If your current price is different than the median price, we will use your median price to calculate the discount.

    How it works:

    • You create a custom promotion for June 1
    • Today, your price for June 1 is $100
    • Your 30-day median price for June 1 is $75
    • If you create a promotion for June 1, the discount will be calculated off of $75
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